Thursday, September 15, 2016

A tale of dead taste buds and bursting blood blisters.

Hello, what’s new and happy Thursday from Howdygram headquarters! Today in the wee hours of the morning my various and sundry chronic health complaints include: 1) dead taste buds due to diabetic neuropathy; 2) severe knee pain; 3) a headache; and 4) BURSTING BLOOD BLISTERS on the back of my left thigh because pressure sores apparently aren’t disgusting enough. I DON’T NEED THIS, PEOPLE. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling mighty lousy right now and probably should put my feet up and watch one of the excellent movies stored on our DVR. I’m thinking Hayley Mills or The Martian (2015) starring Matt Damon. Or maybe BOTH!

Once again I’ve got an incredible herd of exciting FREE FONTS lined up for you! My favorites here are “Hello Casual,” “Wildflower Caps,” “December Sparks” and “Cool Script.”  The fonts marked with a red asterisk (*) are from a 20-font calligraphy bundle. I only listed four here because I already have most of the others ... with the exception of two or three that are outrageously ugly and/or illegible. I’ll include download links after the graphic.

I think I’ve mentioned before that my two favorite websites for free fonts — and — are based somewhere overseas, probably in Thailand or Viet Nam, because frequently we get font names that either make no sense or can’t be pronounced, and the font descriptions are atrocious translations. Here’s the description of a font called “Coffee Written” for your general amusement and possible interest. What the fuck?!

“Coffee Written” typography is a purpose to communicate similar feelings to the ones you get when you first try the best roasted Colombian coffee early in the morning. That is the reason of the waiting, accompanied, or when you only want to be, nuances your design with its fonts full of flavor, texture and passion. For each time, every time, it gives you hints of flavor to design your day. It unleashes your artistic streak mixing possibilities as you wish, to your taste or the taste of your friends or that special someone.

I also snagged a collection of 12 free digital marble backgrounds as part of my weekly freebie bundle from Creative Market. This happened all the way back on Monday, and I’m sorry that it’s taken me four days to share the following image with you. (Get over it.)

And now for some food news ... WITH A PICTURE! For lunch today I enjoyed a tub of Hormel Compleats Meatloaf with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes, a pleasant little airplane-sized meal that includes fluffy taters, a tasty slab of meatloaf and an appropriate quantity of nice brown gravy. This is a perfect entree for senior citizens with mobility issues who can’t stand up any more to cook things ... you just nuke the container for 60 seconds and chow down. That’s it! As an added bonus, Hormel Compleats are shelf-stable and don’t require any refrigeration, so I keep a stack of them on my desk in the study and heat them in the microwave — yes, I have a teeny low-wattage microwave on my desk! — when Sam isn’t home and I have to cook something for myself (or fall back on a bag of pretzel rods).
I’m pleased to award Hormel Compleats Meatloaf with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes with the Howdygram’s coveted four-chopper rating. If you have nothing else to do be sure to visit that link so you can read ALL of my senior citizen food reviews! In the meantime, here’s a shot of today’s neatly-labeled lunch taken with my new iPhone 5S.

When Sam gets home from work tonight we have to call Dish Network and ask them to troubleshoot a problem we’re having with our Bose DVD player. When their technicians installed Dish a couple of weeks ago they screwed up reconnecting the DVD player afterwards because now we’ve got a wavy blue screen on top of the movie ... which I discovered today for the first time. I called Dish, and they said I have two options: 1) call back when there’s somebody with me to turn the DVD player around and troubleshoot the hardwire connections with them over the phone; or 2) they can send a technician on Saturday to do a house call for $10.

I’ll run this past Sam when he gets home tonight but I’m pretty sure we’ll probably start with door number one.

And now I think I’ll mosey into the family room and conk out for a while on the chaise. Thank you for reading this., okay? Tell your friends!

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