Monday, August 15, 2016

Remember, free fonts can be a thoughtful hostess gift.

Hi-de-ho, boys and girls, and happy Sunday morning from Howdygram headquarters! I have no plans whatsoever for today except for sending Sam to Wal-Mart for a prescription refill and a few essential groceries such as bread, watermelon and Ritz crackers. Also we’ll probably watch the Olympics on TV and take a nap. How about you?

I’ll begin today’s post with a brand new dead celebrity ... perky little singer/actress Gloria DeHaven, 91, who died yesterday at a hospice in Las Vegas after becoming seriously less perky in recent years. She made her screen debut in Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times (1936) with Paulette Goddard and went on to appear in a pile of other fine films, including: Thousands Cheer (1943) with Gene Kelly; Step Lively (1944) with Frank Sinatra; Summer Stock (1950) with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly (one of my favorites); and Two Tickets to Broadway (1951) with Janet Leigh and Tony Martin. DeHaven was also in The Thin Man Goes Home (1945) with William Powell and Myrna Loy. Wow, right? WILLIAM POWELL AND MYRNA LOY!

You betcha ... I’ve got more FREE FONTS for you today! I really like all of these even though “Pertiwi” is borderline illegible. “Scarlet” and “Scarlet Script” are versatile and amazing, with a huge assortment of weights and styles all included for free. I’m testing “Scarlet” at small sizes in this post — for photo captions and the small caps below — because I love the screwy letter shapes. I’ll include download links after the graphic so you can add any or all of these to your own collection or give them as thoughtful hostess gifts with a nice card and maybe candy.

I also have a few more new digital background collections that I bought from over the weekend. Chalkboard backgrounds are a huge trend right now, even for greeting cards and wedding invitations, so I plan to work them into various product designs for The Howdygram Store. And effective immediately I have enough polka dot backgrounds to last five lifetimes.

If you’ve been paying attention since yesterday you already know that I was dicking around with the Howdygram’s colors again. However today I decided to switch my accent color back from dark red to brown because dark red really didn’t do it for me as an Internet color even though I love it in my family room and even had two walls painted that color last summer. So I just finished readjusting the colors in the Howdygram’s navigation buttons, sidebar title graphics and topic subheads back to brown. I’m deliriously happy now. Can you tell?

In other news, the city of Grand Prairie, Texas — about 27 miles due west of Howdygram headquarters if you take Interstate 30 — has announced its first official case of the Zika virus. WELCOME ZIKA! City employees will begin spraying two areas for mosquitoes now that everybody’s convinced that residents might drop dead. The following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters in Mesquite; and B) the suggested location of a Zika mosquito in Grand Prairie. I guess it won’t be long before those mosquitoes figure out how to cross the freeway and fly to Mesquite.

And that, I think, is enough for tonight! I need some rest, and it would be swell to be asleep before Sam gets up for work at 5:30. It’s hell to be upside-down  ...

Thank you for reading this.

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