Friday, August 12, 2016

Introducing ugly fonts ... a sloppy new trend.

Hello. It’s 4:45 in the afternoon and I’m beating myself up for waiting almost five hours to start typing this post, because now it’s time to take my shower and grab a quick nap before Sam gets home from work. I’ve been parked at my desk since noon, diddling with a couple of dopey projects, surfing news stories online (mostly CNN and Raw Story), eating pretzel rods and drinking Diet Sunkist.

TWO RANDOM THOUGHTS: 1) Maybe I should eat some real food for a change; and 2) I’ll bet my feet would feel better if had my slippers on. (I love slippers.)

And now ... this.

Naturally I’ve got a few more HYSTERICALLY FREE FONTS for you again! The four scripts in today’s batch of freebies are part of a weird new trend towards sloppy hand-lettering and hand-painted brush fonts. I’m not all that impressed with this baloney, to tell you the truth, but you’ll be seeing more and more of these messy (and sometimes illegible) fonts in advertisements, brand identification, logos and even wedding invitations.
So here they are! Download links will appear after the list in case you want any of these for your own collection. (FYI, I used “Bizon” and “Away Font” for the ugly fonts graphic above. Meh!)

You may already know this story so I won’t go into too much detail in case you’re fed up with it. A few months ago I bought a collection of 100 digital backgrounds from Creative Market — the Ultimate Gold Box — that’s been expanding for free every two or three weeks. First the designer added three extra colors and sent (via Drop Box) the same 100 images in Blonde Gold, Copper and Rose Gold. So that brought us to 400 images. Then he sent 150 patterns, florals, damask prints and glitter backgrounds ... again, the same 150 images in all four colors. And all of them FOR FREE.

Believe it or not, today I received another unexpected update featuring 10 images in Blonde Gold, Copper, Rose Gold and Yellow Gold. For your possible interest the samples that appear below represent a denim texture, a leather texture and bricks. I THINK THEY’RE GORGEOUS. (I used one of the Blonde Gold leather backgrounds for the ugly fonts graphic that appears earlier in this post.)

Hey, boys and girls, Sam Kane Beef Processors in Corpus Christi, Texas, has recalled 60,350 pounds of Hill Country Fare brand ground beef after a customer called and complained about mystery metal in her package of meat. Products involved in the recall include:
  • Three-pound packages of Hill Country Fare Ground Beef, 73% lean, with a use-by date of 8/15/2016.
  • Five-pound packages of Hill Country Fare Ground Beef, 73% lean, with a use-by date of 8/15/2016.
  • Ten- pound packages of Hill Country Fare Ground Beef, 73% lean, with a use-by date of 8/15/2016.
Please do not risk eating these products as ingesting metal can lead to lead poisoning. Especially if the metal is actually lead. (Duh.)
Consumers with questions or concerns regarding the recall should contact the late Mysti Richardson, Director of Taste-Testing Services, at (361) 241-5000, extension 241.

It’s very late now (almost 4 a.m.) but before I go to sleep I think I should warn you that I’m dicking around with the Howdygram again. Actually, I’m changing an accent color, as cleverly illustrated below. From a medium brown to chili pepper red. I haven’t decided for sure if I like this or not, so please bear with me while I horse around for a day or two, okay? So far I’m using the new color for section subtitles — i.e., Marcy’s Parade of Fonts — and for the Howdygram’s link and post title “hover” color. Like it? Send an email and let me know, okay?
Thank you for reading this ... and happy Friday!

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