Saturday, August 13, 2016

I’m so consistent it’s almost terrifying.

Every once in a while a light bulb goes on in my head and I have an “a-ha” moment about something. Like early this morning, for instance, when I decided to change the Howdygram’s accent color from brown to a dark chili pepper red. So what’s the big deal, you ask? A year ago when Sam and I remodeled our kitchen and bathrooms I chose a gorgeous accent wall paint for the family room: “Rum Punch” from Pittsburgh Paints.

The box labeled “New Color” (see below) is the accent color I picked this morning for the Howdygram and introduced in my last post. The square color underneath it is “Rum Punch,” which I picked a year ago from 50,000 paint chips at Lowe’s and posted in the Howdygram on 7/17/2015. Holy crap, right? I’M SO CONSISTENT IT’S ALMOST TERRIFYING!

I’ve got another fistful of FANTASTIC FREE FONTS for you tonight! I love all of these, especially “Casual Brush,” “Vermaline” and “October Storm.” The most versatile of the bunch definitely has to be “Nefelibata,” though, because it includes nine fonts and they’re all completely different than the one you see here. You actually get a whole collection! Download links will appear after the graphic, as usual. FYI, the link for ‘Sonder” is my email address, not a direct download, since it was a freebie this morning when I signed up for a newsletter.

Know what? I’M LOVING MY NEW PHONE! A few days ago I upgraded from a “retro” flip phone for senior citizens to an iPhone 5S, pictured at right, which Consumer Cellular is offering right now for only $150 brand new (i.e., not refurbished), so I ordered one and thought, oh boy and holy shit, I’M SO FUCKING UP-TO-DATE NOW with my brand new three-year-old iPhone! So far I’ve figured out how to add all of my contacts, make a call, answer a call, send a text message and fuck up every essential menu setting because I have no manual dexterity whatsoever due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy and tremors in both hands. TRY TYPING A TEXT MESSAGE LIKE THAT! So I bought myself a set of two fabulous stylus pens (see below) from Amazon for $6.99 with a bunch of extra rubber tips in two sizes. So far the pens are saving my life. And as an added bonus, I’m not getting greasy fingerprints all over my phone because occasionally I eat Cheetos.

I’m having a string of very weird experiences that I feel compelled to describe in complete detail ...  just in case you give a crap. Here goes.

When Sam got home from work at 6:30 last night (Friday) I was semi-conscious on the chaise lounge in the family room watching Olympics coverage on a local news station here in Dallas. I was hungry at the time and giving serious consideration to what’s for dinner, but apparently I fell asleep before Sam and I had a chance to discuss it. And I didn’t wake up from that nap until — ready for this? — 11 p.m., at which point I eventually discovered that Sam had gone to bed and left a mostly-full bucket of Costco’s tasty Cape Cod chicken salad to ferment overnight on the coffee table. (Oy.) All at once I was sad, confused, despondent, mildly frightened and still hungry, so I shlepped myself into the study to nuke a ready-made senior citizen meal, which I usually reserve for lunches when Sam is at work. Tonight I had to “wing it.”

I chose for my entree Compleats Lasagna from Hormel, an airplane-size meal that’s way better than you’d expect and costs less than two bucks at Wal-Mart. While my lasagna was revolving in the microwave (no kidding, I have one on my desk) I thought to myself, holy mackerel, Marcy, wouldn’t it be fun to take a picture of this with my iPhone and post it to the Howdygram?! So I grabbed my phone, taught myself how to shoot a picture, attached the picture to a text message and sent it to my own email address ... IN LESS THAN TWO MINUTES. Seriously, people, is this gorgeous, or what?
I feel brilliant, accomplished and well-fed. It’s really been a banner night around here on so many different levels for housebound senior citizens.

Thank you for reading this and happy Saturday to you and yours.

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