Monday, March 7, 2016

Serious weather is on the way. Auntie Em!

There’s finally some SERIOUS WEATHER moving into our area. While the big hoo-hah is still west of Fort Worth right now, by 9 p.m. tonight we’ll be bombarded by thunderstorms, hail the size of Buicks, possible twisters and flying monkeys. The red star on the following map denotes Howdygram headquarters. (The flying monkey is self-explanatory.) Auntie Em!
I have no firm plans for the rest of the afternoon and evening — not counting a nap, dinner at my desk and a very nice shower — so as our severe weather unfolds tonight I’ll try to live-blog all the news and excitement. Stay tuned for more information but please feel free to continue your normal routine in the meantime.

Holy crap. I thought we were through with Bobby Jindal! He shut down his doomed presidential campaign — and gave up his seat in the 2016 Republican clown car — last fall just before Thanksgiving, and his second term as governor of Louisiana ended in January. But apparently the remnants of this right-wing shitbag’s horrifying policies have sent his state into an economic death spiral ... and they may not be able to recover.
Louisiana’s new leaders and Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards are making headlines for calling out a budget crisis that’s jeopardizing the elite Louisiana State University football program in additional to a pile of essential government services ... such as watchdog groups for abused and abandoned children, emergency rooms and hospitals, scholarships, food assistance and safety-net stipends to lift families out of poverty. If the legislature can’t find $3 billion in new revenue immediately, Louisiana will have to commit suicide.

During his eight years as governor, Bobby Jindal cut Children and Family Services by 60%, closed every clinic that provided women’s reproductive health services, refused the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, cut funding to higher education by 44%, cut spending for public hospitals by $64 million, ruined public schools and dismantled the income tax system to such a degree that the neediest citizens in the state received $800 million less for essential services. Undissuaded, Jindal decided that more tax breaks would cure the shortfall (why do Republicans always believe stupid horseshit like this?) and proposed a $25,000 annual tax break for the state’s richest people and a tax hike for the bottom 80%. The legislature had a stroke. Worse yet, Jindal’s corporate tax breaks were so generous they looked more like bribes than subsidies. And they probably were.

Congratulations, Bobby. Louisiana is a disaster and your legacy is one for the record books!

Even before his blistering anti-Trump speech last week, it seems that Mitt Romney had already filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission to run for president this year. That’s not a typo, guys. MITT ROMNEY HAS FILED PAPERWORK TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT. This doesn’t surprise me in the least ... but it’s definitely pathetic that the GOP thinks a two-time loser is their best (or only?) shot at the White House.

I just took a fistful of pain meds, and before it kicks in I think I’d better relocate to the family room and stretch out on the chaise. Dinner would be a good idea, too, but I’m definitely more tired than hungry right now. I’ll have to postpone food until later.

Thank you for reading this!

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