Saturday, March 26, 2016

New fonts, new backgrounds and a brand new highly-qualified Putz of the Week.

I am trying very, very hard right now to get comfortable. This is NOT EASY. The backs of my thighs feel like somebody ripped off the top layer of skin — this is diabetic neuropathy, people — so sitting at my desk is ABSOLUTE TORTURE even though I took two Norcos when I woke up from my afternoon nap about 90 minutes ago. While I wait for them to kick in Sam volunteered to drive to Fuel City to buy me a few sugar-free fried pies. (My favorites are apple and pineapple.)

No, you can’t have one. Buy your own damn pies, okay?

Today’s cheer-me-up acquisitions from include the following exciting “textures” for products I’m designing for The Howdygram Store. Each file is 12 inches square at 300 dpi and — as an added bonus! — they’re also “seamless,” which means you can tile them horizontally or vertically to make a background as big as a freeway billboard if you want to. (Seamless backgrounds are a huge deal for graphic designers even when we’re retired.) All three collections were very inexpensive and on sale. Such as buy two, get one free.
I also bought the following collection of 12 different high-resolution gold glitter border overlays, which means you can layer them on top of other backgrounds as illustrated below by yours truly. These will look especially terrific on greeting cards.

I’ve also got some STUNNING NEW FREE FONTS for you today! “Carlino” includes two kinds of caps (skinny and fancy) plus all kinds of adorable ornaments, “PH Font” comes with dozens of weights, styles and “catchwords” (see below), and “Propolis,” “Delicious” and “Samanbaia” are part of a nice five-font bundle. Download links appear after the graphic.

The Howdygram hasn’t had awarded a Putz of the Week lately due to what’s the point ... all of them were passengers in the same 2016 Republican clown car and all of them were already total putzes 24/7. However today I’ve got one for you who isn’t in that category. Meet Brian Dutcher of Tomah, Wisconsin, who was sentenced to three years in a federal penitentiary for threatening to kill President Obama last summer when he was scheduled to deliver a speech on the economy at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse.
It seems that Dutcher told a security guard at a public library on July 1, 2015, that he intended to murder President Obama. “The usurper is here and if I get the chance I’ll take him out and take the shot,” Dutcher told the guard. And one day earlier Dutcher posted the following statement on his Facebook page: “That’s it! Thursday I will be in La Crosse. Hopefully I will get a clear shot at the pretend president. Killing him is our CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY!”

And locking you up is OUR constitutional duty, you asshole!

I love it when these right-wing shitbags are arrested and sentenced to prison. Let's hope that Ted Nugent is next because he’s been issuing vile threats to President Obama for a very long time.

And thank you, as always, for reading this.

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