Monday, March 7, 2016

God bless Sam. He keeps the TV volume low and doesn’t grind his beans for tomorrow’s coffee until I’m awake.

It’s the wee hours of Monday morning (3:42 a.m., to narrow it down a little) and I just woke up from a three-hour nap in the family room. I know what you’re thinking — normal people don’t take naps at this hour — but I’m not exactly “normal people.” I’m a housebound senior citizen on drugs for a shitload of chronic pain issues and I sleep whenever I can. Fortunately Sam has an excellent attitude about this. He tiptoes around the house, keeps the TV volume low and doesn’t grind his beans for tomorrow’s coffee until I’m awake. Bless his little heart.

The Dallas/Fort Worth metro areas are plunging into an intense “rainy season.” Today, Tuesday and Wednesday we’re expecting severe weather with wind, hail, great big storms and VERY HEAVY RAIN — five or more inches! — followed by even more rain on Thursday and Friday. I’m hoping that our rainfall total will make up for not receiving any precipitation whatsoever around here for at least a month and a half. A forecast screenshot from The Dallas Morning News’ website appears below for your possible interest.
To celebrate our pending weather brouhaha I just went wild and splurged seven bucks on the “Rustic Wedding” collection of 12 high-resolution background patterns (samples follow) from I’ll use these to design a bunch of new products for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle, such as thank you notes, wristlet purses, spiral-bound bridal shower guest books, monogrammed playing cards and matching drink coasters, and so on. I’m feeling so goddamn inspired I might blow up right here at my desk!

Oy, all of a sudden I’m having a severe pain in the neck. It’s in back and actually feels like a CREEPING MIGRAINE. Perhaps a pleasant pish break and a two-hour nap in the family room would help me out. I can dream about my new “Rustic Wedding” backgrounds and watch Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953) starring Marilyn Monroe, Charles Coburn and Jane Russell.
Turn out the lights when you’re done here, okay? Thank you for reading this.

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