Friday, January 29, 2016

Remembering Jefferson Airplane.

At the moment I’m experiencing EXTREMELY INTENSE PAIN and don’t know what else to do aside from writing a Howdygram post. I just took 15 mg of Norco — my prescription painkiller of choice — and as soon as it kicks in I’ll relocate myself to the family room and pass out on the chaise. This usually takes about an hour so I’d better type fast.

In case you’re interested I’m registering a solid “8” on Marcy’s Shit-O-Meter. The problem is mostly my goddamn feet due to diabetic peripheral neuropathy, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis. If I could figure out how to get there I wouldn’t mind jumping off a bridge.

Holy crap. I’ve got another dead celebrity for you today! This time it’s Paul Kantner, a founding member of the legendary 1960s psychedelic rock band Jefferson Airplane and its successor, Jefferson Starship. Kantner was 74.
Vocalist Grace Slick, who added a unique and wild flavor to Jefferson Airplane’s sound, joined the group in 1966, bringing with her two songs that became the group’s bestselling hits: “Somebody to Love” and “White Rabbit.” Slick and Kantner were a couple and had a daughter together, China.

Here’s Paul Kantner in 2014. He was definitely a coot by then. And dig that headband!
And here are two shots of Grace Slick. It’s almost surreal to see my idols from the 1960s turning into OLD PEOPLE!
Thought you might enjoy this video clip of Jefferson Airplane singing their number one hit on “American Bandstand” in 1967. I was a junior in high school that year and this was a VERY COOL SONG. Trust me. And keep an eye out for the high-tech special effects ... it’s a lava lamp!

Hey. I have to add something to yesterday’s mention of the Howdygram’s exciting new store on Apparently my product line won’t actually show up for another 24 hours or so because everything has to be reviewed by Zazzle staff before it’s available for sale online. So hang onto your bucks for another couple of days, okay? Thank you very much. Tell your friends.

Need a few new free fonts? HERE THEY ARE! All of these are extremely gorgeous, but by far the most impressive font is “Luella,” which includes three different weights and six additional styles that are either hand-drawn frames and ribbons or hundreds of gorgeous swirly decorative ornaments (small sample shown below). They’re so amazing I might have a nervous breakdown. I’ll include download links below the graphic so you can add all of these to your collection.

And finally ... Sarah Palin and two of her most recent incoherent rants on Facebook, both of them referencing Donald Trump.

“Enough is enough; Trump’s victory on this issue proves we have a choice. The courageous GOP frontrunner is speaking for us with his “screw it, biased media… the people deserve better” red line. Finally. Trump will now lead others with this empowerment to go around media filters and egos and everything else that’s stood between people with a heart to serve and the voters.”
“We can go elsewhere to seek truthful information that includes a candidate’s voting record, their responsibility in spending other people’s money and balancing budgets, their record of negotiating to win, their private sector acumen and personal accomplishments, who they’re beholden to, if they’ve incentivized more illegal aliens to flood our borders with gifts and freebies – making America much less secure … oh, and so much more!”

What the fuck and have a pleasant evening.

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