Thursday, January 28, 2016

I just set up my brand new Howdygram store on!

Know what I’ve been doing for the last couple of hours? Because a retired graphic designer can’t stay totally retired forever or she’ll have a nervous breakdown, I just set up my brand new Howdygram store on soon-to-be featuring a whole shitload of adorable products with my own screwy and original artwork!

My first official products are a Moo 5" x 7" all-occasion greeting card and the Moo Mousepad (the mousepad is pictured below), a perfect and thoughtful gift for damn near anybody. For instance, a Moo Mousepad and a cheese sandwich would be the perfect present for Valentine’s Day. Who the hell needs diamonds and champagne?!
Other thrilling Moo products are coming soon and will include keychains, kitchen magnets, coasters, checkbook covers, memory foam bath mats, can koozies, stationery and those essential little USB flash drives. Yee-haw!

I’ve got a few more awesome free fonts for you tonight, guys. I love them all (as always) but hold a particular fondness for “Swashington” and “Aldine.” Download links will appear below the graphic so you can add these to your own collection.

Eventual ex-GOP presidential candidate Rand Paul has promised every student with a pulse at Iowa State University A FREE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION personally signed by Rand himself — impress your friends and future employers! — if they’ll please show up at his post-caucus rally on Monday and not make him look like such a loser for finishing dead last tied with Jeb Bush and write-in votes for KoKo the Clown.

It was Rand’s Iowa field director Billy Grant who sent that pathetic email to the entire student body. What a unique and special treasure ... a letter of recommendation from a desperate candidate who doesn’t even know you.

And finally, a cute cartoon I saw earlier today on Facebook. It’s our national embarrassment, Donald Trump, the entitled, xenophobic bully of the century, running scared from the tough questions of Fox News’ debate moderators. His “competing event” tonight in Iowa turned out to be a bogus fundraiser for his own charitable foundation. Apparently Donald Trump is running for Grifter-in-Chief. (He’s even worse than Sarah Palin.)
Thank you for reading this. Got popcorn?

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