Wednesday, November 18, 2015

For Republicans, Syrian refugees are the “new Ebola.”

I am so fucking sick of the bat-shit crazy Republicans that I’ve decided to try and write a news-free Howdygram post today, in protest. What’s causing today’s misery? A few headlines have included: 1) Turd Cruz challenging the president of the United States to a fight on American soil because Turd feels insulted; 2) Republicans want to turn away all Syrian refugees, conveniently forgetting that American bigots did the same thing to Jews fleeing the Nazis before World War II, resulting in six million deaths in concentration camps; and 3) ill-informed jackass Chris Christie tells CNN he refuses to believe that the Paris terrorists were European nationals and not Syrian refugees — which has already been proven — and blames President Obama because he didn’t set up a Syrian “no-fly zone,” even though ISIS doesn’t have an air force.
Know what? For Republicans, Syrian refugees are the “new Ebola.” We’re hearing the same hate, the same rhetoric, the same fear-mongering and the same finger-pointing bullshit, particularly where New Jersey bully Chris Christie is concerned. Remember last year when he locked up that poor nurse Kaci Hickox in a quarantine tent with armed guards and wouldn’t let her leave or call her attorneys ... even though she tested negative for Ebola and never got sick!? Christie held press conferences and lied that Hickox was deathly ill and he had to place her in quarantine to save New Jersey. And now he’s doing this all over again with Syrian refugees, announcing that his state will accept none of them, not even if they’re three-year-old orphans. You idiot.

So ... how am I doing so far with my “no news” Howdygram post? (Sorry. I guess it’s impossible.)

The saga continues! You may recall my story from Monday’s Howdygram post about how Amazon fucked up my order for a Drive Medical Sentra Extra-Wide Wheelchair for Big Butts TWICE by delaying shipment, changing the price, canceling orders due to unavailability and lying like a pack of weasels. Well, my third wheelchair order got canceled on me, too, so today I visited a third party seller’s website — — and ordered the wheelchair directly from them after speaking to Christopher, one of their customer service Einsteins. Mostly I wanted to verify that actually has the wheelchair IN STOCK so I don’t have to horse around with another cancellation, and Christopher said their California warehouse has them, and since I’m ordering before 1 p.m. Eastern time they’ll be able to ship the wheelchair TODAY.

Except they didn’t.

When I woke up from my afternoon nap at 5:15 I checked email and sure enough, there was no order update with a tracking number from Shoplet. So I sent a message to Christopher to ask WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON and PLEASE DON’T BE ANOTHER GODDAMN WEASEL.

Kindly stay tuned for additional developments. Thank you.

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