Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Times Roman makes me want to puke.

WEDNESDAY MORNING, 8:45 A.M. Hi-de-ho, friends. It’s a balmy morning, Sam is outside on the patio with a pot of coffee, and I’m in the study trying to adjust to using a new browser (Safari). Ever since our new iMacs were installed a few weeks ago I’d been experiencing a never-ending list of irritating issues with Firefox — frozen screens, videos that don’t play, URLs that refuse to load, etc. — so when Sam told me he read recently that Firefox is no longer compatible with the latest Mac OS I finally knew it was time for me to move on. So I’m trying to work with Safari.

Trust me, this isn’t easy. The biggest adjustment is with Blogger, which is the format I use online to compose the Howdygram. In Firefox I was able to set a “default font” — Georgia, 16 points — to compose my posts. However, as far as I can tell there’s no way to make this kind of change in Safari so the Blogger composition editor is displaying Times Roman. TIMES ROMAN MAKES ME WANT TO PUKE.

Therefore … if any of you know how to change Safari’s default font please get in touch with me IMMEDIATELY (or faster) and you’ll win a valuable prize. Thank you!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT, 11:17 P.M. It’s been a strange and blecchy day. Mostly I’ve been under the weather with miscellaneous pain issues, a headache and a miserable exploding bladder. I also watched a cute movie — The Facts of Life (1960) starring Lucille Ball and Bob Hope — and an idiotic horror movie — The Deadly Mantis (1957) starring William Hopper and Craig Stevens — and enjoyed a pleasant dinner with Sam that involved big baked potatoes and a large quantity of tasty teriyaki meatballs from Costco.

I only have four FREE FONTS for you tonight but I think they’re all swell. I’ll especially enjoy “Verve” and “Bolden Sans” for greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store; “Rastenoba” and “Aurora” are beautiful scripts for a variety of other design projects. (I do a LOT of design projects.) Please feel free to share these with your friends and relatives, okay? Download links will appear after the following graphic. FYI, “Verve” is from a bundle of four fonts. The other three are included with the download.

My final project tonight involves DRUGS. I have to fill my pill organizer for the week ahead, order a prescription refill online from Wal-Mart and take all my bedtime meds, which includes my fourth insulin injection today. I get really sick of this sometimes. I’m just saying.

Thank you for reading this. Say “hi” to the family for me, okay?

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