Tuesday, December 6, 2016

I’ve been dicking around with the Howdygram again.

So here’s what’s going on around here, organized in neat little subtitled paragraphs because I’m compulsive about things like this.

SAM, SKIN CANCER AND AN APPLE CRUMB PIE. It’s 8:30 Monday night and Rootin’-Tootin’ Sam is unwinding in the family room with a furry blanket and a movie* following round one of out-patient skin cancer surgery. To guarantee a speedy recovery he came home with a prescription (antibiotics), a whole apple pie from Kroger and a can of Redi-Whip. (I’d be willing to risk a diabetic coma for a pie like that. Also for Redi-Whip.)  

*Ruggles of Red Gap (1935) starring Charles Laughton and Charlie Ruggles.

ANTICIPATING HANUKKAH. This year Hanukkah starts on December 24 and ends at sundown on January 1, 2017. I think this is probably the latest Hanukkah I can ever remember — overflowing into the next year! — but I’m happy to have a few extra weeks because I’ve been so busy designing adorable holiday cards for The Howdygram Store that I completely forgot to design cards for Sam and me! I finally ordered some a couple of hours ago.

I HAVE TO REFILL MY SEVEN-DAY PILL ORGANIZER. I absolutely HATE doing this. For me, filling my pill organizer is the senior citizen equivalent of emptying the dishwasher. I take 10 prescriptions, each in different doses and at different times of the day. Some of them once a day, most of them twice a day and another three times a day. In addition I take Norco every four hours (I love Norco!) and inject two kinds of insulin ... one at bedtime and another 30 minutes before meals. In case you give a shit, my prescriptions include Amitriptyline Hydrochloride, Benazepril Hydrochlorothiazide, Metoprolol, Warfarin (generic Coumadin), Gabapentin, Trazodone, Hydrocodone (Norco) in two different strengths, and — last but certainly not least — Lantus and Novolin R insulin. It’s hell getting old!

DICKING AROUND WITH THE HOWDYGRAM. Yes. Again. This time, for no good reason whatsoever, I replaced the wood background in the logo, changed the tagline from brown to red and the cartoon text from brown to black, updated the copyright block in the right sidebar, and tried to redesign the navigation buttons but eventually gave up (they’re already adorable) and decided to join Sam in the family room because I love Ruggles of Red Gap as much as he does (see the paragaph titled “Sam, Skin Cancer and an Apple Crumb Pie,” above). Whew.

In my endless quest for more and better FREE FONTS, this morning I snagged a bounty from iFonts.xyz, my favorite (and the best) free fonts website on earth. (In this case, they’re in Viet Nam.) My favorites today are: “Lighthaus,” a unicase font with lots of stacked letter combinations; “Slab Tag,” “Matcha Script,” “Hernandez Niu” and “Canyons.” FYI, the first four fonts in the following list are from the 45 Opentype Fonts Bundle. Download links appear after the graphic. You can thank me later.

Thank you for reading this.

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