Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The 2016 election has been a truly unique clusterfuck of unspeakable magnitude.

It’s Election Day 2016, around 11:30 p.m., and we still don’t have a new president. The Manhattan orangutan has been surging in key battleground states but CNN insists that Hillary Clinton still has “the advantage.” I have no idea what that means.

However, first I need to explain how come I haven’t written a Howdygram post since last Thursday, and it’s because I’ve been locked in the bathroom with an empty bag of Cheetos on my head waiting for this long national nightmare to end. I’ve endured a lot of elections in my 65 years — starting with Richard Nixon versus George McGovern in 1972 — but 2016’s election has been a truly unique clusterfuck of unspeakable magnitude. Sam and I are both nervous wrecks and I was even too nauseated to eat dinner last night. So we watched The Party (1968) starring Peter Sellers, eventually with popcorn.

While I wait for some definitive election news I’ll dive into my favorite typographic distraction: FREE FONTS.

Love fonts? I’ve got a juicy pile of freebies for you tonight! There are too many to describe individually so I’ll just mention my favorites: “Slowly,” “Miss Daisy,” “Journey,”“Latex” and “Wilshering.” The last four fonts in the right column — “Raffiator” through “Wilshering” — are from The November Bundle, which actually includes dozens of additional fonts not pictured here because I didn’t especially like them ... but you might. Download links for everything are below the graphic in case you want some of these for your own collection.

It’s nearly midnight but there’s still no final news about the presidential election. I’m too knotted-up inside to watch my favorite coverage on MSNBC and Sam is unconscious on the sofa, which is his escape mechanism of choice. I’ll hang out here with the Howdygram until I can’t stand it any more or I have to eat something, whichever comes first. I’m considering Hormel Compleats meatloaf and mashed potatoes. (Stop laughing. It’s good.)

I’m going to eat that late-night meatloaf whatnot now and design a few Christmas cards for The Howdygram Store. It’s what I do whenever I’m despondent: EAT and DESIGN.

Thank you for reading this. I’ll try to snap back to normal, I promise.

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