Thursday, November 3, 2016

If I don’t get some sleep I’ll scare the crap out of everybody at Baylor Medical Center today.

I’ll begin this post with the biggest hoo-hah in sports from the last 108 years: THE CHICAGO CUBS WON THE WORLD SERIES LAST NIGHT! I didn’t watch game seven on purpose because I think I’m a jinx, so I decided to wait for the scores on my Facebook news feed. This is so fucking fantastic I think I’ll pop open a can of diet root beer!
Just in case you’re new to the Howdygram and don’t know anything about yours truly, I grew up in Chicago, my parents grew up in Chicago, and dad was even a Wrigley Field bat boy when he was 11 years old ... way back in 1931. Both of my parents died heartbroken that they never got to see the Cubs win a World Series; I’m awfully glad that I didn’t suffer the same fate. Glorioski, hallelujah and holy shit, people!

It’s 3:30 in the morning and we’ve got a line of thunderstorms rolling through here. They’re so juicy that Sam woke up from a sound sleep so he can sit in the garage and watch the “fireworks.” The teeny red star on the following map denotes Howdygram headquarters. (Don’t bother waving; I’m going to bed in a few minutes.)

Here’s an awesome new herd of TOTALLY FREE FONTS for you this morning! I’ve been working on a line of holiday greeting cards for The Howdygram Store and some of these fonts will be perfect ... especially “Mallicot,” “Breakfast,” “Strength” and the “Drustic Sans” and “Drustic Dialy” family. Also “Harley.” Most of these fonts include multiple styles and weights, and “Drustic Sans” throws in a pile of well-designed catchwords. Look for download links after the graphic so you can snag these for your own personal collection.

And finally, I thought you might enjoy the following photos from Howdygram headquarters, including a nice shot of our new media console and home theater equipment. We even bought the matching coffee table — on hidden casters! — to match the media console. (Try to control your excitement, okay?)

I’d love to keep typing but I absolutely have to go to bed now. I’ve got a doctor appointment at 10:30 this morning (about six hours from now) and if I don’t get some sleep I’ll scare the crap out of everybody at Baylor Medical Center.  Thank you for reading this!

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