Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My head feels like it’s too heavy for my neck. This is actually a very pleasant sensation.

It’s 8:45 Wednesday morning and I’m waiting for a drug bomb to explode. I accidentally took  two tablets of Metoprolol this morning instead of one ... and that’s the higher dose that made me PASS OUT a number of times when I first started taking it. Metoprolol slows my heart rate and I take it for a condition called atrial fibrillation.

Right now I’m nervous, concerned, a little frightened  and strangely excited all at the same time, so I’ve decided to stay right here in the study with a can of Diet Sunkist and “live blog” my reactions. Watch for updates below presented as neatly boxed text. Thank you.

Aren’t these amazing? Once again I’m pleased to provide another herd of ADORABLE FREE FONTS for your possible interest. I think I pretty much like all of these, although “Carin” is probably the most versatile with seven styles and an ornaments font (eight fonts total); “Lucky Fellas” is runner-up with four. I’m also intensely fond of “Rialto Script.” Download links will appear below the graphic in case you want some of these for yourself. (Don’t forget to tell your friends and loved ones. Friends love free fonts, too.) FYI, “Atom” through “Tatto” are part of the “Delicious Font Bundle,” which actually contains 72 mostly-ugly fonts.

Drowsy, double vision, hallucinating about my father-in-law. I don’t think I could stand up right now even if I tried because my head feels like it’s too heavy for my neck. This is actually a very pleasant sensation. I think my heart is still beating.

Sam and I are getting ready to purchase a glorious HOME THEATER SYSTEM to replace our aging entertainment equipment, which includes an enormous 1o-year-old Sony rear projection HD-TV and a 10-year-old Bose DVD player with surround sound. The DVD player died last week, and our Sony TV is on the verge of another bulb replacement, an expensive proposition that costs about $250 every four years. So ... rather than buy a new DVD player and sink $250 into an old TV, Sam and I decided to buy a whole new system in honor of my 65th birthday coming up shortly ... and a beautiful new media console to go with it! Our new TV and DVD player will come from Costco with professional installation; I’ll order the media console from Rooms-To-Go online. I’ve narrowed it down to one of the following three finalists. (My personal favorite is “Mountain Bluff.”)
It’s a good thing you can’t hear me talking to myself right now because I’m definitely slurring my words. I also have a huge craving for matzo ball soup. Drop me a line if you have any. (Also chocolate.)

Charmian Carr, 73, best known for her only role as Liesl Von Trapp in The Sound of Music (1965) starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, died this week from a rare form of dementia.

There’s really not much to write about Carr, though. After she got married in 1967 she quit acting and decided to stay home and raise her daughters, which is actually a very sweet life story. She also had a nice face. Thank you. 
I think I’m past the crisis. I don’t feel like a parade balloon any more looking down at all the teeny people on Fifth Avenue and I’m also not slurring my words. Can I eat lunch now? (Thank you for putting up with me.)

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