Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Buh-bye, nighty-night, sayonara, adios, shalom, zip-ah-dee-doo-dah and don’t forget to floss.

Hey, know what? I want to begin this post with a shameless plug for my adorable little shop on Zazzle: The Howdygram Store. With Apple’s big iPhone 7 launch date coming up on Wednesday I decided to spend most of the holiday weekend working on new case designs. Four fine examples appear below for your possible interest. These include: 1) a trendy pairing of aqua and white damask prints; 2) photorealistic dark natural cork; 3) a vintage floral print featuring pink and crimson roses; and 4) photorealistic natural stone. Oy, I love these!

Once again it’s my pleasure to offer you another batch of COMPLETELY FREE FONTS featuring just about every style you can think of, such as hand-lettered scripts, display fonts and some fancy-ass calligraphy. My personal favorites are “September Mornings,” “Ralington,” “Hello Dotstick” and “Pechenka.” Download links will appear after the graphic in case you want to grab any of these for your personal collection.

I also have two new collections of free digital backgrounds from Creative Market that I thought I’d share with y’all.
Plus ... here are a few sample images from a large collection of autumn critters and miscellaneous forest clip art, also from Creative Market and also completely free. FYI, every Monday Creative Market gives away various collections from six different designers. Some of these are dreck but many are EXCELLENT. (These autumn critters fall midway between dreck and excellent, although the tweety birds and owl are awfully cute.)

Wow, I just hit a brick wall. My bedtime meds kicked in a few minutes ago and now I can’t keep my eyes open! Therefore ... buh-bye, nighty-night, sayonara, adios, shalom, zip-ah-dee-doo-dah and don’t forget to floss. Thank you.

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