Sunday, June 12, 2016

My latest Putz of the Week is a real doozy.

It’s 2:30 Saturday afternoon but I have to begin this post with a hearty GOOD MORNING! because I woke up less than an hour ago due to being completely upside-down, sleep-wise. I was conked out on the chaise in the family room until 3:45 this morning, dragged myself into the study to take the bedtime pills and insulin injection I’d forgotten the night before, and then decided to sit around and finish designing a thrilling new line of tranquility-themed greeting cards and snazzy padfolios for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle (see below). For your possible interest, this new collection of greeting cards (10 different designs so far) is NOT what you expect because the sentiments inside are definitely not tranquil in any way whatsoever. Thank you.
We’ve got thunderstorms rolling through here as I write this post. This is not a big hoo-hah at all, however, just some nice, peaceful, low-rumbling thunder and steady summer rain. Too bad I just woke up; this would be a great opportunity for a nap.

I’ve got another Putz of the Week for you, people. This one’s a real doozy. Meet right-wing asshole, conspiracy theorist, pastor and rabid Trump supporter Carl Gallups, who appeared yesterday on TheDove TV’s “Focus Today” program, where he decided to call upon sheriffs to tell Target store managers in their communities THEY WILL BE ARRESTED if they follow the company policy of allowing transgenders to use the toilets that match their gender identity. Holy shit ... what the hell is wrong with these sick fucks?!
After bragging that Maricopa County sheriff Joe Arpaio had appointed him a “sworn special deputy,” Gallups also called for sheriffs all over the United States to arrest anyone who follows the Obama administration’s guidelines for respecting the rights of transgender students.

At that point he also claimed (falsely, of course) that the Obama administration’s policy allows male teachers and janitors to take showers with female students (Jesus H. Christ) and declared that he’s “calling upon sheriffs all over this nation: MAN UP!”

“Sheriffs need to go to Target managers operating in their counties,” Gallups proclaimed, “and say, ‘I am the chief constitutional law enforcement officer of this county. If a man purposely goes into the women’s room in your store, I will arrest the man and I will arrest you, mister manager, for aiding and abetting in a crime.”  

A crime?!

You know what, Mr. Gallups? I’d rather pish in a stall alongside 50 transgender women than sit in the same room with your evil goddamn face for five fucking minutes. You are in desperate need of a broken nose and I hope somebody provides it as soon as possible. (I’d volunteer except I can’t stand up without my cane.) Shithead.

Manhattan orangutan Donald Trump has decided that policies are a stupid waste, so he’s not having any policies whatsoever in his presidential campaign.

According to Time Magazine:

For Trump, the idea of hiring an aide whom he might never meet is a recipe for waste. “Hillary’s campaign is crazy,” he continued. “I look at her staffing, and I mean she’s got the United States government there.” He even mocks her focus on putting out so many policy proposals, a longtime tradition for major party nominees. “She’s got people that sit in cubicles writing policy all day. Nothing’s ever going to happen. It’s just a waste of paper.” (The Clinton campaign counts that paper as a point of pride: 73,645 words of policy and counting.)

Trump has declared that it’s crazy for any presidential candidate to tell the voters what they’re going to do by having well-developed policies and specific proposals for dealing with national problems. Being president is really EASY, Donald, because all you have to do is just wake up every morning and decide on shit! Maybe you can outlaw the color yellow, fire the Supreme Court or reimpose slavery by executive order!

Here are three GIGANTIC RED FLAGS in case any Trump supporters are reading the Howdygram. Please pay attention because this is really important! If your candidate doesn’t have any policies ... 
  1. it’s entirely likely that he doesn’t have enough brains to grasp the issues.
  2. he’ll never have to answer questions.
  3. after Hillary Clinton responds on an issue in a televised debate, he’ll think it’s funny and appropriate to crack a joke about Monica Lewinsky or call Hillary “old doodyhead.”
Donald Trump is the perfect nominee for a political party whose only real platform for the past seven-plus years has been OBSTRUCTION. Keep this jackass out of the White House by voting for Hillary Clinton in November!

Thank you for reading this.

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