Sunday, March 6, 2016

I love Sundays nights. It’s time for Pop Secret and a “Columbo” rerun!

I’m in pain tonight and I’m not happy. The only spot in the entire house where I can rest comfortably is the chaise in the family room. Actually, the toilet is in the hall bathroom is very comfortable, too, but you can’t sleep on the toilet because your legs go numb after 30 minutes and then you fall backwards when you try to get up and bust the entire toilet in half. (This actually happened two years ago. Sam remembers the incident in great detail in case you have any questions.)
Anyhoo, at 6:15 p.m. tonight I woke up from an amazing FOUR-HOUR NAP in the family room to discover that Sam was taking a four-hour nap of his own elsewhere in the house (i.e., in bed), so I migrated to my desk in the study, enjoyed a quick yet healthy microwaved snack — Hormel Compleats Sauce with Noodles and Two Actual Cubes of Genuine Chicken — and here I am! So it won’t be a total waste of time I’ve decided to write a Senior Citizen Food Review. This is your lucky day, people.

Hey ... yum! This has to be one of the tastiest 60-second pre-packaged meals I’ve ever tried. It comes in its own little oval plastic tub that nukes in one minute. Hormel Compleats Sauce with Noodles and Two Actual Cubes of Genuine Chicken is flavorful and speedy and almost doesn’t need any salt and pepper whatsoever. I’m pleased to recommend this product with the Howdygram’s coveted five-chopper rating.
Hormel Compleats are excellent teeny entrees for senior citizens with mobility issues, like yours truly, who can’t drag themselves into the kitchen any more to stand at the stove, rinse a dish or dice an onion. Because Sam goes to work mid-day I’m often on my own here for lunch and dinner, so I’ve got a small 700-watt microwave on my desk in the study and several baskets filled with quick, ready-to-heat meals. I’m planning to stock up on Hormel Compleats Sauce with Noodles and Two Actual Cubes of Genuine Chicken because it’s only $1.95 on Wal-Mart’s website and real food doesn’t get much cheaper than that.

Now that Sam’s awake and I’m sufficiently drugged on Norco, this might be a fine time for Pop Secret, a “Columbo” rerun in the family room and a couple of sugar-free Fudgsicles! I’m glad you dropped in tonight. Say hi to the relatives for me, okay?

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