Sunday, March 20, 2016

Happy goddamn Sunday, okay?

I’m not exactly sure I have anything special to write about this morning so I’ll just go with the following statement.

Happy goddamn Sunday, okay?

Also, immediately after my first nap du jour I want to spend a few hours designing products for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle featuring some of the new black glitter and gold foil patterned backgrounds that I bought yesterday. If you don’t think this sounds exciting you might be nuts. Thank you.

Last night in the Howdygram I wrote that federal officials have refused to grant bail to Cliven Bundy while he sits in the slammer waiting for his trial on two million federal charges — such as sedition, staging an armed standoff against the FBI and trying to overthrow the United States government, to name three — because he’s a dangerous asshole who usually travels with heavily-armed militia goons, and if they let him out of jail even for 15 minutes he’d probably explode the entire state of Nevada.

In addition to Cliven Bundy’s long list of nefarious crimes apparently there are also ELECTED OFFICIALS in Nevada, Oregon, Arizona and Washington who have been in cahoots with the militia crowd since the first standoff at Bundy Ranch back in 2014. They include: 1) Michele Fiore, a hard-core gun humper, short-tempered tramp and Nevada state representative; 2) Oregon state Representative Dallas Heard; 3) Idaho state Representative Judy Boyle; 4) Washington state Representative Matt Shea and others, who all knew that Ammon and Ryan Bundy were planning to lead an illegal armed takeover of federal property in Oregon before it happened and decided not to warn law enforcement.

They’re all members of a group known as the Coalition of Western States (COWS) that wants to force the federal government to surrender federally-protected lands to the states. Ain’t gonna happen.
Commissioner Robert Corbell of Greenlee County, Arizona, who went to Nevada to support Cliven Bundy’s standoff with the Bureau of Land Management in 2014, recently admitted to Oregon Public Radio that after the standoff ended COWS felt ignored and slighted, so when they caught wind of an armed takeover planned in Oregon they kept quiet about it so their group could get more attention.

Fiore and the coalition aided and abetted the militants by feeding them information, trying to coerce the FBI from doing their job, organized press events and enlisted a failed candidate for Sheriff (Anthony Bosworth) to act as a “security specialist” at the compound. Bosworth even helped militants flee the wildlife refuge when they finally figured out the FBI wasn’t screwing around. And once the jig was up, Fiore and the COWS decided to look like “heroes” and convinced the last of the militants to surrender.

And now, of course, Fiore and her pals have another goal. To keep the Bundys and their fellow terrorists from facing significant prison time they’re asking the arrested militants to learn the names of the judges and prosecutors so their cohorts on the “outside” can find ways to intimidate them.

All of these fine public servants need to be in prison!

Nap time at last. Try to keep the noise down, okay?

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