Monday, March 14, 2016

Free fonts, new mousepads and an apology.

If you were counting on the Howdygram to remind you about Daylight Savings Time you’ve just spent the last 36 hours all fucked-up. Please set your clocks ahead one hour IMMEDIATELY, and if you’re late for work today you should feel free to tell your boss it was my fault. Thank you.

I’ll begin this post with today’s batch of excellent FREE FONTS because I know how much you look forward to this. My favorites here are “Sugary Pancake,” “Charmante” and “Porter.” And in case you’re interested, “Wide Display” includes about two dozen styles, such as multiple weights, 3D effects, fancy shadows, and so on. I can’t wait to horse around with them. Download links will appear after the graphic.

To distract myself from a growing list of chronic pain issues I spent most of the day on Sunday designing some adorable new mousepads for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle. Creating makes me very happy, people! Tomorrow I’ll design spiral notebooks to match the new mousepads and then I want to work on a collection of cute thank you notes for kids, maybe with funny animals on them or Justin Bieber with his clothes on.
FYI, the aqua leopard-print mousepad in the upper left corner also comes in other colors. I thought you’d want to know this.

It’s 4:45 a.m. and I haven’t been to bed yet so this might be an ideal time to bail out and get some sleep. Thanks for stopping by and please keep the noise down. Shalom to you and yours.

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