Friday, November 27, 2015

Yup, it’s still raining here.

It’s 11 p.m. on a really wet Friday night, and here are the top stories from Howdygram headquarters!

YUP, IT’S STILL RAINING HERE. We’ve had 4¾ inches since mid-day Thanksgiving with a lot more still on the way. Plus it’s also very goddamn cold (40°) and there’s an ICE STORM hovering slightly to the west of us. Oy, WTF and holy shit! The red star on the map below denotes Howdygram headquarters.
I NEVER HEARD FROM MY CARDIOLOGIST TODAY. I left a voice message and sent an email to let him know that one of my meds is trying to murder me. I take Metoprolol twice a day to reduce my heart rate, and it’s so effective I’ve been blacking out and scaring Sam half to death. I discontinued my lunch-time dose starting today and will just take one pill at bedtime until we can figure out what to do. At this point I probably won’t hear from Dr. Singh until Tuesday next week, to which my response is: CRAP!

DID YOU SHOP ON BLACK FRIDAY? I didn’t — not even online — because Sam and I don’t buy any presents for Hanukkah or Christmas and there’s nothing we need badly enough to risk being mowed down by a crowd of lunatics. The following graphic pretty much says it all.
SAM IS ON VACATION NEXT WEEK. This is so exciting we can hardly stand it. Sam gets to spend seven whole days eating muffins in his pajamas and taking a nap whenever he wants one! I’ve got lots of great movies stored up on the DVR and maybe we can finally get back to watching our “Columbo” DVDs. We’ve got the entire original series from 1968–1978 and the several dozen two-hour made-for-TV movies that ran from 1989–2003. The first 10 years are really the best of the bunch, but Peter Falk is always adorable, so what the hell. WE LOVE ’EM ALL.

Thought you might get a kick out of this ...

And finally, an excellent Hanukkah-focused video that’s fun for the whole family if you don’t mind a few swear words thrown in. (Everybody loves swear words, right?)

Thank you for reading this.

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