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The Howdygram bids farewell to Martin Landau.

Shalom and howdy, everybody! It’s 5 o’clock Tuesday morning and I just finished prepping for this Howdygram post. This includes: 1) Googling images for today’s feature about Princess Anne; 2) organizing, cropping and framing the images mentioned in item one; 3) installing today’s free fonts on my iMac; 4) designing today’s free fonts sample list, especially “Diamond Monogram”; and 5) choosing and sizing today’s free digital background images, clipart and assorted doodads from Creative Market.

I put a lot of work into this post so please show some goddamn appreciation. Thank you.

Princess Anne is the second child and only daughter of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh. At the time of her birth she was third in line of succession to the throne, behind her mother (who wasn’t yet Queen) and brother Charles. Anne is currently 12th in line but I’m pretty sure she doesn’t give a crap. She’s held the title “Princess Royal” since 1987. If this is a big deal I wish somebody would tell me why because I’ve looked it up online twice already and don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Anne is patron of more than 200 charitable organizations but is best known for her equestrian talents. For instance, she won two silver medals (1975) and one gold medal (1971) at the European Eventing Championships and is the first member of the British royal family to compete in the Olympics. Her sport had something to do with horses.
Princess Anne has had a life of interesting romantic entanglements. Her first boyfriend, way back in 1970 when her parents finally allowed her to start dating, was — get ready for it — Andrew Parker-Bowles, who later became the first husband of Camilla Shand (subsequently the mistress and second wife of her brother, Prince Charles). Anne married Captain Mark Phillips in 1973. They have two children and three grandchildren. In 1992, just a few months after her divorce, Anne finally married Commander (now Vice Admiral) Sir Timothy Laurence after fooling around with him for years. He had been her mother’s “equerry” in the late 1980s.

TRY TO LEARN SOMETHING. An “equerry” is a snooty person with a fancy uniform who babysits another snooty person’s horses. This is apparently an actual job title and one at which a British individual can earn a living. Seriously.
IN OUR NEXT INSTALLMENT: Useful biographies of Prince Andrew and Prince Edward, the Queen’s two youngest royal offspring, with useful photographs suitable for framing.

I’ve got another gang of adorable FREE FONTS for you today! These include several scripts, a very nice slab serif (“Made Likes Slab”) with a bunch of surprising features and characters, a display font (“Kucer”) with trendy chalkboard features, and — my personal favorite — “Diamond Monogram,” because it was so easy to make the four monograms shown below. The font includes several dozen different frames to spark your creativity. Are these gorgeous, or what? Download links will appear below the graphic. Knock yourself out.

I also have a pile of new COMPLETELY FREE clipart and terrific seamless background patterns from Creative Market that I’d like to share with you, but I’ll include these in my next post due to other pressing issues and I want lunch. Thank you.

And now … I’d like to ask your help with a couple of things. First, please sign this petition at urging Democrats in Congress and the Senate to support MEDICARE FOR ALL / SINGLE-PAYER HEALTH CARE. It’s the only way!
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Thank you for your support.

I’m pleased to announce that I had my first visit yesterday from a traveling foot doctor named Dr. Yuan, who showed up with a clipboard, a little sack of podiatry instruments and her own stool. She worked some magic, cut my nails, removed a horrible corn on a baby toe that was practically crippling me, and then made arrangements to come back every two or three months because I need her and Medicare pays for it, so why the fuck not, right?

This visiting doctor shit is FANTASTIC.

Character actor Martin Landau, 89, who got famous on TV as the master of disguise in the hit 1960s series “Mission Impossible” and ended a long and versatile career with an Oscar for his amazing portrayal of decrepit horror movie icon Bela Lugosi in 1994's Ed Wood, died this week at UCLA Hospital. Martin Landau was a cool dude.
Landau might have been a TV superstar if he hadn’t turned down the role of Mr. Spock on TV’s original “Star Trek.” Landau said he didn’t think he could play a character that had no emotions.

Martin Landau was nominated for three Oscars ... 1988’s Tucker: The Man and His Dream, Woody Allen’s Crimes and Misdemeanors in 1989, and finally a win for Ed Wood in 1994. He was married to actress Barbara Bain, a castmate on “Mission Impossible,” for 36 years. They have two really nice daughters.

Time to shlep myself into the family room for lunch and a nap! Thank you for reading this.

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