Thursday, April 20, 2017

Our new iMacs are here. I’m so excited I can’t stand it.

Hi, boys and girls. I’ve been trying to write a Howdygram post for three days but it’s been difficult getting started, and I honestly can’t figure out WHY. I guess I was feeling emotionally droopy, generally blah and not very energetic. Incidentally, to those of you who panicked that I got sick again and landed back in the hospital, please calm down. I’m fine.

I’m feeling motivated to write tonight because both of our brand new his-and-hers iMac computers have arrived, and a tech expert from Half-Price Geeks will be here at 4 p.m. today to unpack them, plug everything in, transfer files from our old computers, connect our new iMacs with each other, help me sign up for Adobe Creative Cloud and download all the software. Frankly, I’M SO FUCKING EXCITED I CAN’T STAND IT. Sam and I haven’t had new computers since 2009, which means we’ve been squeaking by with a couple of technological antiques ... especially where the Internet is concerned (websites freeze up on us, ads crash, videos won’t run, etc.). Anyway, Sam and I both agree that a gorgeous new iMac is a happy lifestyle essential for housebound retirees such as yours truly. I am a very, very lucky old coot.

I only have a teeny-tiny group of FREE FONTS for you tonight, but they’re all gorgeous and intensely useful if you design things or just like to horse around. “Leather” script has a modern dancing baseline, “Spencer” has a huge number of alternate characters, and “Garamond Condensed Light” is maybe the most widely-recognized serif typeface on the planet. (It’s been Apple’s favorite font for Macintosh ads and packaging since 1984.) If you want any of these for your own collection I’ll include download links after the graphic.

I also thought I’d share some new (and free) high-resolution background images that I snagged from Creative Market on Monday. The first is a set of six really nice Chinese-themed floral prints and the other is a set of 12 retro backgrounds. All of these files are seamless, too, which means you can tile them in any direction to make a gigantic pattern the size of North Dakota (or any state of your choosing). I love seamless patterns!

It’s 4:10 a.m. now, Thursday morning, and I think I’m almost ready to call it quits here. I need some sleep (bigly) and I’m starting to feel inebriated ... definitely the sign of good drugs! Thanks for stopping by, do your best to remember the Alamo and have a nice day, okay?

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