Saturday, February 11, 2017

Now, more than ever ... I totally hate my goddamn feet.

Please, please, please ... don’t yell at me! I took a short break from the Howdygram this week to revamp The Howdygram Store on Zazzle because business has been picking up — like really a LOT — and I wanted to reorganize my product listings with a few new categories and subcategories and redesign my store banner. Once you get started with a hoo-hah like this you can’t stop until you’re done, and it actually took six days to wrap it up. I’m not completely through tweaking yet, but I missed the Howdygram so much I decided to write a post tonight before I go to bed.

Incidentally, I might as well take a couple of minutes to introduce The Howdygram Store’s newest product line ... CUSTOM AVERY THREE-RING BINDERS! My first effort is recipe binders and I’m still working on several new designs in addition to the two pictured below. They’re available in widths up to two inches and would look really swell on anybody’s kitchen counter.
Recipe binders are a terrific gift for bridal showers, housewarming, Hanukkah, Christmas, happy birthday and congratulations on your new stove. You should also order one for yourself and all your relatives, so click here to shop now. Thank you!

I’m having SEVERE TOE PAIN right now. It’s the baby toe on my left foot, and it feels like somebody ran over it with a forklift and then whacks it with a hammer in four-second intervals. I know the issue has to be diabetic neuropathy because the toe looks perfectly fine. To add to the frivolity I’m also getting hideous “electric shock” shooting pains in my left heel. Now, more than ever ... I TOTALLY HATE MY GODDAMN FEET! (I also hate diabetes, but that’s another story altogether.) However I’m taking lots of good drugs and hope to feel better soon. Better yet, maybe I’ll pop an extra Norco and just pass the fuck out!

I’ve decided to roll out an extra-juicy herd of FREE FONTS for you this morning ... and quite a few of them include multiple styles and weights. I’m particularly excited about “Town” because it gives you 12 completely different fonts with up to 14 weights for each. (It sells for $595 on My other favorites are “Pugzley,” “Mimbie,” “Roadster,” “Play,” “Saint Paulia” and “Silverberry.” I’ll include download links after the graphic in case you want some of these for yourself, okay?

I have more topics to write about (including politics) but I’ll have to tackle them in another post later today. At the moment I’m interested in shlepping to my chaise in the family room for a few hours of sleep followed by oatmeal when I wake up. Sam makes excellent oatmeal!

Thank you for reading this.

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