Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday night’s weather was a real humdinger.

There were THREE HUGE NEWS STORIES at Howdygram headquarters on Sunday, which I’ll present to you below in neatly subtitled paragraphs.

THE COWBOYS LOST 34 TO 31. It was a depressing outcome to an exciting playoff game ... the Dallas Cowboys and the Green Bay Packers. I have to admit, Aaron Rodgers was a beautiful thing to watch ... but so was the Cowboys’ rookie quarterback Dak Prescott. And it was bad enough that Cowboys fans had to suffer a heartbreaking loss and then get pelted by hail and tornadoes on their way out of the stadium!
SUNDAY NIGHT’S WEATHER WAS A REAL HUMDINGER. Starting around dinnertime we had six hours of nonstop wind, torrential rain, tornado warnings and thunderstorms. Sam spent most of the evening monitoring the “light show” from his favorite chair in the garage; our nephew Josh and I stayed in the family room watching (with brief intermittent satellite outages) the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs followed by the movie Million Dollar Mermaid (1952) starring Esther Williams and Walter Pidgeon. It’s still raining here at 2 a.m. and there’s another large cluster of storms on the way, as evidenced by the following map. (The teeny red star denotes Howdygram headquarters. Please feel free to yell and wave.)
MARCY’S UNFORGETTABLE FOOD-O-RAMA. It was the best feast I can ever remember. Around 4 p.m. Sam presented me with a pile of tempura shrimp and steamed rice for a very late lunch (I’d been asleep), and half an hour later we ordered terrific pizzas from Pizza Hut for the second half of the Cowboys/Packers game. Here’s a hot tip for diabetics: If you inject enough insulin you can eat damn near anything.

So here’s what’s scheduled for the week ahead: NOT A DAMN THING. However that doesn’t take into account juicy afternoon naps, fine meals, developing new greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store and horsing around with Sam. I should also mention that Sam might join an anti-Trump protest event on Inauguration Day (January 20) here in the Dallas area. Friday’s weather will be 70° and mostly sunny, so the turnout should be amazing. LET’S ALL ENCOURAGE SAM TO DO THIS!

Thank you for stopping by. Say hello to the family for me, okay?

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