Sunday, December 18, 2016

Eat your hearts out, people. I’ve got matzo farfel!

It’s 1:30 in the morning and I want a nice hot bowl of soup because I’M FREEZING TO DEATH. After a high temperature of 76° on Saturday afternoon it’s 21° outside right now with winds gusting to 45 m.p.h. The sound of rattling solar screens is driving me nuts and I can’t seem to warm up. Hence the craving for soup. And lo and behold, as I write this post I’ve got a bowl of Simply Asia Shitake Mushroom Rice Noodle Soup rotating in the microwave right here on my desk ... the epitome of senior citizen convenience! And I even have a canister of Manischewitz matzo farfel in front of me. Eat your hearts out, people.

I’ve got a Sam update for you. He had his last two areas of skin cancer removed on Friday and I’m sorry to report that he’s having a tough recovery this time. The area on top of his left foot is extremely painful, it’s padded with bandages and an elastic wrap that make it virtually impossible to wedge his foot into a shoe or slipper, he’s limping badly and his face is scrunched up. Apparently the site on his forearm isn’t bothering him very much due to different nerve endings and skin sensitivities. But the foot hurts like hell. Whenever possible I share my pain meds with him because we are a happy couple.

I’ll bet you thought it would be quite a while before I’d have more new FREE FONTS for you due to the size of the batch I offered yesterday. Well, to quote Donald Trump ... WRONG! Here are five more, all of them excellent, modern, juicy and gorgeous. I especially love “Basic Sans” — 28 different weights and styles! — and “Gracia.” Download links will appear after the graphic. Have fun, okay?

For the first time EVER Red Velvet Kit Kat Bars are being re-released for the Christmas holiday. It seems they were originally introduced a couple of years ago for Valentine’s Day only; now they’re back for Christmas, just in time for everybody to drop dead from a diabetic coma while they’re gathered around the tree. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of red velvet anything, and I’m sure Kit Kat Bars would be no exception.

Know what? It’s time for The Howdygram Store to introduce another new product line! This time it’s THERMAL TUMBLERS for your hot and cold beverages-to-go. They’re lined with stainless steel, hold 12 ounces, stand 8¾" tall and are narrow enough in diameter to fit even the smallest auto cup holders. I keep one on my desk that’s filled with ice (thank you, Sam) and the unused cubes are actually still solid 18 hours later! My first five tumbler designs appear below for your possible interest. Lots more are on the way.
Incidentally, these thermal tumblers sell for about $33 but why not wait for one of’s amazing sales. Today, for instance, they’re 30% off, but sometimes you can get them for half price. You should sign up for Zazzle’s promotional emails so you’ll know when to shop. Just click here to get to their website’s home page and scroll all the way down to the very bottom to see their “Get Exclusive Offers” sign-up box. You’ll be glad you did this! There’s a different product or product line that’s on sale every day of the year,and you won’t know about any of them unless you sign up. Thank you for your attention.

I’ve got a computer repair guru coming over tomorrow afternoon. I hired Half-Price Geeks to straighten-out my recently-infected iMac because the quirks are driving me nuts. I picked up a virus about two months ago when I clicked on a pop-up telling me it’s time to install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ... which is something that actually happens several times a year. So I clicked and immediately wound up with all kinds of crazy-ass ads and weird messages and error windows telling me that my “installer” had quit unexpectedly, which means another part of that virus is still trying to install itself on my hard drive. I’M DONE WITH THIS. Half-Price Geeks only charges $139 to come over and scrub my hard drive and install virus protection. Plus they’ll also answer questions about the new iMacs and if any of my software will be compatible or not with Apple’s latest OS. (I absolutely do NOT want to upgrade to Adobe’s Creative Cloud because they no longer sell their software ... you have to RENT IT for $49.95 a month!) My computer is almost eight years old and I’ll probably need a new one in 2017. It’s my brilliant plan, therefore, to transfer the entire contents of my hard drive into a new iMac ... which explains why I want to “clean up” the old one first!

FYI, I also bought a carpet cleaning special from a company on Angie’s List. I’m trying to set it up for just after the first of the year because they’re already booked solid before the holidays. Stay tuned, okay?

Thank you for reading this and do your best to remember the Alamo if it’s not too inconvenient. The end.

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