Monday, September 26, 2016

Seriously ... Donald Trump says he lost tonight’s debate due to a defective microphone.

I’ve been dicking around with the Howdygram since 9:30 this morning ... tweaking some colors, changing a few sidebar graphics and generally driving myself insane over shit nobody cares about except me. Mostly, though, I’m trying to forget three things: 1) that Sam is still in California visiting his friends and relatives; 2) that he ate dinner last night at Brent’s Deli (photo to follow) with a lot of relatives and free Kosher pickles; and 3) presidential politics.

First, the family photo from last night at Brent’s.
On the left side of the table from front to back: Judy, David, Brenda, Josh and the woman who pushes Judy’s wheelchair (I have no idea who she is). On the right side from front to back: Bob, Tam-Tam, Sam, Adie and Steve. Missing: Uncle Marty and Annie, because Uncle Marty fell down and has a hematoma. (He's eightysomething. Falling down is no trip to the beach.)

And now I’d like to post a selfie from Sam in the hot tub at his hotel in North Hollywood from earlier today. He’ll kill me for this but I can’t help it because I think he’s FUCKING ADORABLE with black hair, green eyes and freckles. 

So here we have our five latest AWESOME FREE FONTS. I like all of these, but there’s a special place in my heart for “Lightning” because it has lots of alternate letters and swashy things. Concerning the other four ... “Stickley Pro” is ordinary but pleasant, “Georgie” and “Marsmello” are interesting, and “Wicked Mouse” looks like it’s fresh from Disneyland. Download links will appear below the graphic in case you want some of these for your personal collection.

I didn’t watch tonight’s presidential debate. I just couldn’t do it. I already know I’m voting for Hillary Clinton so there’s no point subjecting myself to 90 minutes of torture watching Donald Trump’s idiotic faces and juvenile outbursts. Apparently I missed a good show, though. Reading post-debate critiques on all the major news websites it’s clear that Clinton won, hands-down, because she was at the top of her game while Donald Trump was ill-prepared, whiny, exhausted and completely ignorant on every major debate topic. He even had a SCREAMING MELTDOWN on the birther issue!

Afterwards, talking to reporters in the “spin room,” Trump claims he lost tonight’s debate due to a defective mic. Seriously! A DEFECTIVE MICROPHONE! And I’m sure by tomorrow morning on Fox he’ll also be using the word “rigged,” and his campaign staff will start hinting that Donald might skip the next two debates.

I guess it’s time to call it a night, shoot some insulin and go watch a movie. Tonight I’ll be choosing from the following four films:
  • Tammy Tell Me True (1961) starring Sandra Dee and John Gavin.
  • Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) starring Walter Pidgeon and Barbara Eden.
  • The Lost World (1960) starring Michael Rennie, David Hedison and Jill St. John.
  • Designing Woman (1957) starring Lauren Bacall and Gregory Peck.
It’s a great life, isn’t it?

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