Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The raging assholes in Congress voted again today to repeal Obamacare for the 62nd time.

As I sit at my desk on a cold and damp Wednesday night I’m struck by three unexpected things: 1) I have a craving for ice cream; 2) FedEx just delivered my Wal-Mart order one day early; and 3) IT’S THUNDERING OUTSIDE. How cool is that?

And now for a couple of GIGANTIC SURPRISES for your possible interest. 

GIGANTIC SURPRISE #1. The raging assholes in Congress voted again today to repeal Obamacare  for the 62nd time and also to defund Planned Parenthood.
While the bill faces a certain veto from President Obama, the vote in the House brings Republicans “closer than ever before” (their words) to dismantling the healthcare legislation that they say has failed the country. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Pathetic) said this morning, “With this bill, we will force President Obama to show the American people where he stands.”

Holy shit. If a statement ever deserved a slapstick “spit-take” response, this would be the one. Has there ever been any doubt where President Obama stands on Obamacare?!
As for why so many legislators in Congress still think it’s a solid idea to take health care benefits away from 22 million Americans, GOP lawmakers continue to insist that the Affordable Care Act isn’t working — despite abundant evidence to the contrary — and want to replace the ACA with a “superior alternative” they’ve been working on since 2009. (We’ll never live long enough to see their alternative, superior or otherwise. Trust me.)

GIGANTIC SURPRISE #2. Because I’m thoroughly unable — and totally unwilling — to get a grip on my addiction, I’ve got MORE FREE FONTS for you today! Some of these are very cool and very ritzy, such as “Ariana Script,” “Standly,” “Almost Japanese” and “Prissy & Dramatic.”

Download links are provided below the graphic in case you want any of these files for yourself, your neighbors or your loved ones.

Incidentally, almost all of the free fonts I’ve posted in the Howdygram during the last few weeks have been downloaded from In addition to free fonts, however, they also offer thousands of free, very high-quality vector artwork files that I’ve been downloading like a frenzied maniac in the event somebody figures out they should’ve been charging big money for these. Click here to take a look at the vector files and download as many as you want ... providing you’ve got Adobe Illustrator to open and edit them.

Thank you for reading this. I have to pee now.

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