Sunday, February 5, 2017

You should check out the savings with Consumer Cellular.

It really wasn’t my plan not to write Howdygram posts for the last few days, so I’ll explain what happened in two words: I GOT SICK. (Okay, three words. Get over it.) I had — and still have — a fever, an seriously over-active bladder situation, an intestinal hoo-hah, lots of body aches and overall muscle pain. Sam, of course, has been taking care of me. At the moment it’s 4 o’clock Sunday morning and he’s on his way from the kitchen with a hot vat of oatmeal. We’d both been trying to conk out since midnight with no luck whatsoever, and I even watched two of my favorite “sleeping” movies back-to-back — Yours, Mine and Ours (1968) with Henry Fonda and Lucille Ball, and Murder at the Gallop (1963) with Margaret Rutherford — but I never even closed my eyes! So here I am at my desk in the study with a can of Diet Sunkist, the Howdygram, oatmeal and you. It’s a full life, isn’t it?

I’ve got an enormous pile of FREE FONTS for you this morning, including three jumbo collections! From the list below, “Nexa” and “Sensa” are part of the Fontfabric Bundle, “Baron,” “Charmante” and “Vagabundo” are from the Juraj Chrastina Bundle, and “Dramaturg” and “Giulietta” are part of the GRIN3 Script Collection. All three bundles counted together probably contain more than 100 fonts. I only downloaded a few for myself because I either already most of them or have enough other fonts that are similar in style. I think my favorites today are “Arthands” and “Charmante.”

Hey, guys, I want to do a plug for our cellular service because Sam and I are saving a goddamn fortune here. Several months ago I signed up for Consumer Cellular’s lowest-price text/minutes/data plan, which came out to about $29 a month with taxes, and bought an iPhone 5S from them for $150. Seriously. It was my first iPhone and my first time using text messages.

That was a big step for an old coot!

Sam was so impressed with the price of my service that he canceled his plan with AT&T — which was costing us about $59 a month — and I added him to my Consumer Cellular account for an additional $10. As a result we’re currently spending about $41 a month total for text, minutes and data for two iPhones. TWO!

You need to check out Consumer Cellular’s plans to see if they can save you a ton of money, too. If you sign up we’ll both get $10 credits ... and there’s even an extra discount if you’re a member of AARP.

Just CLICK HERE to get started. Thank you.

I need to get some sleep now because it’s already after 6 a.m. Oy. Try not to make a lot of noise, okay?

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