Wednesday, December 28, 2016

I’m tired, I’m cold, I have to pee and I still have to shoot a bunch of insulin. It’s a full life, isn’t it?

I’ll begin with an apology for not writing a Howdygram post yesterday or the day before. I am without excuse, so just get over it, okay? (Thank you.)

Everybody probably already knows that actress/author Carrie Fisher, 60, died yesterday morning, but in case you’ve been living under an eggnog-soaked rock and haven’t read the news today, her mother Debbie Reynolds, 84, died barely 24 hours later. I’ll include a really sad double mother/daughter Dead Celebrities photo and a couple of brief biographies.
CARRIE FISHER died on December 27, four days after a jumbo heart attack on a flight from London to Los Angeles. Although she was best known as Princess Leia in the Star Wars’ movie franchise, some other film roles included The Blues Brothers (1980) starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, The Man with One Red Shoe (1985) starring Tom Hanks, Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) and When Harry Met Sally (1989) starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan. She also wrote several best-selling books that frequently tackled her problems overcoming drug addiction. If you’ve never seen the film version of her autobiographical Postcards from the Edge (1990) starring Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine, you should. (It’s on cable next week but I don’t know which channel.)

TRY TO LEARN SOMETHING. Carrie Fisher’s parents were Debbie Reynolds and the late 1950s pop singer/heart-throb Eddie Fisher. When Carrie and her younger brother Todd were still teeny tykes, their parents’ marriage ended in scandal when Eddie Fisher dumped Reynolds for her best friend Elizabeth Taylor, which was a really huge hoo-hah at the time.

DEBBIE REYNOLDS, who died Wednesday afternoon after suffering a stroke in Beverly Hills, originally hit it big in Hollywood at age 19 as the star of one of the most beloved musicals of all time — Singin’ in the Rain (1950) — and continued on to enjoy a successful seven-decade career in film, television and theater. A few of my personal favorite Debbie Reynolds movies include The Tender Trap (1955) with Frank Sinatra, The Mating Game (1959) with Tony Randall and In & Out (1997) with Kevin Kline. At the moment I’ve actually got all three stored on our DVR! (I wouldn’t joke about shit like this.)

The end.

Know what? I’ve got four excellent FREE FONTS for you today! These includs a fancy-ass semi-delicate script, a “stencil” font in 10 weights and styles, the slightly-grungy “HandyMan,” and “Handstyles,” my top pick because it’s casual, friendly, easy-to-read and useful for a million and one things, especially greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store. You’ll find download links after the grahic.

Here are the remaining high-resolution digital images that I bought on Etsy a couple of days ago after waiting for the designer to email them to me: 1) a nice collection of 18 grunge ombre backgrounds; 2) a dozen images from mid-century magazine advertisements; and 3) a dozen sexy pinup girls with boobies, furry robes and/or high-heel slippers. I’ll be able to use all of these for greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store. (I love designing greeting cards.)

Team Trump finally released the names of performers particpating at his inaugural ball, and the lineup is genuinely hilarious. They’ve got: 1) Nashville songwriter Beau Davidson, who will perform music from his latest album, “The American Gentleman; The Reagan Years,” with one of the hottest 80s cover bands that only does music released during Ronald Regan’s presidency; 2) a wedding band called The Mixx; 3) DJ sets by DJ Romin, DJ Young Rye, DJ Flow and DJ Freedom; and 4) The Star Spangled Singers. What the fuck? I’d rather eat a jar of expired gefilte fish and watch “Leave It to Beaver” reruns!

And finally, I thought I’d share a nice photo of Sam’s relatives (my guess, about 20 of them) enjoying dinner last night at our all-time favorite restaurant in the San Fernando Valley ... BRENTS DELI IN NORTHRIDGE! I’ve indicated a few of the highlights for you. Many thanks to Aunt Adie for sharing this picture on Facebook, although I’m still waiting for somebody to send me a lean corned beef on rye via email with a couple of half-sour pickles.

I’d better publish this post now and hit the sack because I’m tired, I’m cold, I have to pee and I still have to shoot a bunch of insulin. It’s a full life, isn’t it? Thank you for reading this.

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