Thursday, March 16, 2017

Holy moly. I just had a brainstorm!

Happy Thursday morning, people. It’s 6 a.m. and I haven’t been to bed yet. This really isn’t as wretched as it sounds, however, because I enjoy being up all night to horse around at the computer designing things. This time it was more greeting cards, a couple of mugs and fresh category graphics for The Howdygram Store. I also spent quite a few hours organizing a treasure of new high-resolution digital backgrounds and textures that I bought from a designers’ website called Design Cuts ... it’s a gigantic bundle of 2,400 images (53 separate collections) for only $26. (Priced separately they would total more than $2,000.) Holy crap! THIS IS DELICIOUS!

For your possible interest here’s just a teeny sample of the aforementioned high-resolution digital backgrounds and textures. This stuff is so damn exciting I almost can’t stand it. My favorites are the Storm watercolors and Copper Metallic textures. Most of these collections contain 30, 50, or as many as 100 images.
And here’s a few more! FYI, the Deep Mysteries images have an underwater theme; the Celestial backgrounds are absolutely jaw-dropping. There are about 200 of them.
Trust me, I’m feeling intensely motivated right now to use these images for a pile of new fancy-ass products for The Howdygram Store, such as iPhone cases, coasters, playing cards and tote bags. Woo-hoo!

I’ll let you know when it’s time to shop. Stay tuned.

I only have three FREE FONTS for you today because lately I’m getting much pickier about what I collect. With more than 4,000 fonts installed on my iMac I don’t really need anything additional and there isn’t too much that gets me excited. These three, though are terrific. I can use “Introduction” and “Montyray Medium” for greeting card designs, and “Modesto” is an amazing layered font where inlines and outlines work above and below the main typeface and give you a chance to play with layers of color. (Let me guess ... you don’t really give a shit, right?) Download links will appear after the graphic.

Sam is leaving for L.A. next Friday for a five-day visit with his relatives and friends AND a much-deserved getaway as a full-time caregiver for yours truly, the housebound blogger. The “relatives” part of this getaway makes me so damn jealous I could scream because, as always, it includes a pilgrimage to Brent’s Deli in Northridge for a corned beef/matzo ball/knish festival with UNLIMITED FREE PICKLES and salamis hanging over the register. I haven’t had real deli food for decades and it’s making me nuts. And there are no Jewish delis in the Dallas metro area, so I can’t even beg Sam to do a carryout for me. My only option would be to order Jewish food from Goldbely or FoodyDirect, but their prices seem outgrageously high to me. For instance, Kenny & Ziggy’s Deli (an authentic New York deli located in Houston!) sells a bunch of products on FoodyDirect, and their corned beef sandwich kit — enough for FOUR SANDWICHES — is $69.95. I also have a deep and compelling interest in their Hungarian Stuffed Cabbage. You get four rolls for $49.95.
To be fair, however, I just looked at Kenny & Ziggy’s website and their menu prices are exactly the same as FoodyDirect’s. They sell a single stuffed cabbage roll for $11.95 as an appetizer (seriously) and it’s $16.95 for a corned beef sandwich with a pickle.

I haven’t eaten in a restaurant for a really, really long time and honestly had no idea that a $5.95 corned beef sandwich costs $16.95 now. Jesus.

But holy moly, I just had a BRAINSTORM! Since I’m a handicapped and housebound senior citizen who can’t travel any more, Sam is saving a ton of money on vacations and shouldn’t mind if I treat myself to an overnight delivery from Kenny & Ziggy’s once in a while! I think I’ll spring this on him when he gets home from work today, and if he makes a face I’ll fling a handful of Cheetos at him. Stay tuned and thank you for reading this.

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