Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Trump’s first 30 days were punctuated by fuck-ups, failures and meaningless campaign promises.

It’s 1:30 Tuesday morning, but I’m not sure how long I’ll be able to sit at my desk typing right now because I’ve got a miserably high fever and I feel like CRAP. In case you’re interested my fever is 101.2°. “Normal” for me is around 96°, which means 101.2° is really HIGH. Also: 1) my joints and muscles are killing me; 2) I’m sweaty and hot as an iron; and 3) I have zero bladder control. ZERO! If that’s too much information please figure out how to deal with it. Thank you.

Anybody with a passing interest in current events knows by now that Donald Trump’s first month in office has been a TOTAL FUCKING DISASTER, which qualifies him once again for the Howdygram’s popular Putz of the Week award.

The White House released a statement puffing up what they view as Trump’s first-month schievements. The list can be summarized as meeting with a few CEOs and signing a flurry of poorly-conceived and ultimately unconstitutional Executive Orders,. What’s missing from the list is any real legislative accomplishment.

According to Politico, the Asshole-in-Chief failed to: 1) halt immigration from Muslim countries; 2) label China a currency manipulator; 3) deliver a serious plan for funding his border wall; and 4) repeal Obamacare ... all among his many promises during last year’s campaign. The Muslim travel ban, Trump’s most consequential and controversial executive order, lies dead in the courts. And he achieved nothing whatsoever on tax reform.
The only significant hoo-hah is that Trump’s regime is being investigated by more than half a dozen congressional committees for potential collusion with Russia during the 2016 election, and the administration itself still remains largely unstaffed because Trump hasn’t appointed anyone to fill the positions. The process has been stalled by in-fighting, distrust and suspicion, the President’s compulsion to lie to the American public and his never-ending battle with the press.

Governing is virtually nonexistent and the White House is functioning like it has its shoelaces tied together. WE NEED TO GET CHEETOLINI’S SORRY ASS OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

Here are three more Photoshopped gems from the “Tiny Trump” Reddit community. I’ll try to get back there to download more photos but I’m not promising anything because I think I’ve already got the best of the bunch.

Hey ... more FREE FONTS! This morning I’ve got a whole variety of interesting options for you, my favorites being the “Typeset Font Trio,” the “Buket Collection” and the “Everyday Duo.” Are these adorable, or what? I’ll include download links below the graphic in case you want some of these for yourself.

I think I’ll stop typing now, shoot some insulin and head back to the chaise in the family room for a good night’s sleep. Also I don’t feel very well and it’s time to pee again. (It’s ALWAYS time to pee again.) Thank you for reading this.

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