Saturday, December 3, 2016

I’m feeling strangely doped-up right now.

Howdy, boys and girls ... it’s time for another extraordinary Howdygram post! I decided to use that adjective — learn your parts of speech! — because: 1) I took my bedtime meds about half an hour ago and I’m feeling strangely doped-up right now; 2) there’s nothing to write about; and 3) I can’t think of anything else. See what I mean?

I’ll begin, therefore, with some breaking news! I’ve got two brand new essential coffee mugs available for sale right now in The Howdygram Store ... just in case you’re wondering what the hell to buy for everybody on your holiday gift list. Mugs are always insanely popular, especially if you also throw in a few free tea bags or a Hershey bar. (People love free shit.)
Click here to see The Howdygram Store’s complete line of coffee mugs. Click here to check out the rest of our products. Thank you.

I’ve got five REALLY COOL FREE FONTS for you tonight.“Vinsmoke,” “Anteater” and “April Blossom” are all modern calligraphy scripts, “Showbizz” is an interesting condensed whatnot, and “Food Truck” is a family of five fonts in multiple styles plus a doodles font that’s packed with illustrations of things to eat. FYI, “Food Truck” sells for $75 on but you can get it right here, totally free, from the Howdygram! Yee-haw, right? For your convenience, download links will appear after the graphic.

It’s after 3 a.m. and time to shoot some insulin and go to bed already. I was planning to address a few Christmas card envelopes but I’ll have do that mañana instead. Thank you for reading this. You have very good taste.

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