Monday, October 31, 2016

I have what’s known as an “addictive personality disorder.”

Before I forget ... I’ve got an important better-late-than-never holiday greeting from The Howdygram to all my readers worldwide.

Years ago I was told by a therapist — after many months of weekly sessions — that I have what’s known as an “addictive personality disorder.” I get addicted to things. For decades it was cigarettes and shopping; now it’s just hobbies. I’ve been addicted to The Howdygram since it launched in 2007, and when I opened The Howdygram Store on Zazzle earlier this year I developed an addiction to that, too. Unfortunately it’s impossible to immerse myself in both of these addictions at the same time, which explains why I’ll stop posting for a few days while you sit around wondering what the fuck happened to me. Now you know!

In case you give a crap, for the last few days I’ve been designing and uploading padfolio artwork for The Howdygram Store; three examples appear below.

To some extent I guess I’m addicted to fonts, too, because I’ve been an avid collector since I bought my first Mac in 1985. Therefore I’m pleased to present my latest offering of FREE FONTS, many of which include multiple weights and styles. (“Hogar” even has a bunch of teeny furniture dingbats!) You’ll find download links below the graphic. “Asmila” and “Matthew Jason” are part of a larger font bundle; you can request “Scallion” directly from yours truly via email.

Tomorrow is a huge day around here, people. Not only is it Sam’s last day of work — he’s retiring! — it’s also my 65th birthday. Holy shit, right? Our joint celebration will include a carryout Thai/Japanese feast from Zenna here in Mesquite and watching The Mummy (1932) starring Boris Karloff ... one of the scariest movies ever made (without the benefit of computer-generated animation) and the perfect accompaniment to Pad Thai with shrimp.
And now, even though I’d like to continue typing, I think I should publish this post and write some email that I’ve left unanswered since Friday. Thanks for stopping by and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

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