Wednesday, October 5, 2016

You can even cast your ballot sitting on the toilet if you want to with a cheese sandwich.

I just voted for Hillary Clinton. Is this exciting, or what?!

I’m talking about an absentee ballot, of course, because I’m a handicapped senior citizen with mobility issues ... such as I can’t get to our polling place for early voting, I don’t drive any more and I can’t even ride in a car. So the nice election officials in Dallas County send me ballots in the mail whenever it‘s time to vote for things, such as President of the United States.
Voting by mail is exceptionally convenient and even fun (see box below) because there were at least three elections this year that I knew nothing about until the ballots showed up in the mail. Such as the run-off election between a pair of boring goofs battling for a post on the Parkland Hospital Governing Board. Meh. So what?

A BRIEF DEFINITION OF “VOTING FUN”. You don’t have to wear shoes or a brassiere and you can even cast your ballot SITTING ON THE TOILET if you want to with a cheese sandwich.

Voting for President, though, is a much larger hoo-hah altogether, and Sam will verify that I almost couldn’t hold back the hysterics when my official ballot showed up in the mail this week. I voted a straight Democratic ticket because there’s not a single Republican on earth — or on any other planet — that deserves my vote for ANYTHING. To prove my point, please read the graphic below. Thank you.

Holy crap ... look at all these AMAZING FREE FONTS! There are some real gems here, people, and some of my favorites include “Outshine” with matching caps, “Cosmodrome,” “Rising Star,” “Silliza Script” and “Ecosmith.” Download links will appear after the graphic. Please note that “Samitha,” “Silliza Script” and “Jailheart” are part of a large bundle of beautiful script fonts.

And now for the latest additions to my collection of digital background textures ... all FREE because I subscribe to a weekly email newsletter from Creative Market featuring six free excellent (usually) downloads every Monday. This week I snagged a collection of 12 high-res photos of painted concrete walls, 12 seamless patterns of watercolor autumn leaves in EPS format and 12 high-res photos of decrepit painted wood.
Also ... Creative Market sent out another update download to their bottomless Ultimate Gold Box package today! At the beginning of the year it started out as a collection of 100 gorgeous high-res yellow gold digital backgrounds for 10 bucks on sale. About a week later the designer announces that he’s expanding the Ultimate Gold Box also to include the same 100 images in rose gold, blonde gold and copper at no additional cost — i.e., COMPLETELY FREE — plus several hundred yellow gold seamless patterns (chevrons, stripes, damasks and florals), gold glitter backgrounds and fancy gold bokeh lights. It was enough to make your brain explode. And then they started with the UPDATES, averaging 10 to 25 extra images IN ALL FOUR COLORS every month since February. Here are a few samples from today’s download.

I definitely need to scram and drag myself out to the chaise in the family room. It’s 3:45 a.m. and I’ve got a pounding headache that refuses to go away even after I’ve taken a mountain of Norco with Tylenol in it. At this point the only things left to try are: 1) lying down; 2) turning off the lights; and 3) watching one of my favorite sleeping movies, The Rains Came (1939) starring Myrna Loy and George Brent. Tally ho and pass the popcorn!

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