Saturday, October 8, 2016

There’s a lot of hoo-hah going on around here.

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t written a Howdygram post since Wednesday. Trust me, nobody’s more disappointed about this than yours truly, but I didn’t have a choice based on the following four reasons: 1) severe pain; 2) severe pain; 3) severe pain; and 4) did I mention SEVERE PAIN. Once again it was an issue with those goddamn pressure sores on the back of both thighs (I’ve got three of them now) and a very large blood blister BLEEDING CRATER that breaks and heals at least once a week. Sam is in charge of the dressings and bandages. (We go through a lot of supplies here. I might have to start a GoFundMe page.)

For the record, sitting on pressure sores and bleeding craters can be a nightmare. When the pain gets unbearable I drag myself to the chaise in the family room and drown my sorrow with Norco, Diet Cherry 7-Up with extra ice and a William Powell movie. Thank God for William Powell. (Also drugs.)

Hey. We’re shopping for TVs today! This morning Sam visited Costco and Conn’s to price the TVs in their showrooms, and now we’re checking out Costco’s TVs online. Costco wins by a mile on price. Therefore our top pick is a Samsung 60" for $669.99 from Costco with FREE DELIVERY into Howdygram headquarters and the room of our choice. We can even pick our own delivery date with a four-hour window! HOT DAMN! After the TV is delivered Sam will head back to Costco to pick up a sound bar (maybe) and a new DVD/BluRay player (our Bose DVD player died a couple of weeks ago), at which time we’ll also order professional home theater installation so we can leap into the 21st century with a TV that has WiFi, figure out the new remote (oy) and so on. In addition to Costco we’ll also get a quote for home theater installation from Dish Network because they do home theater things, too.
There’s a lot of hoo-hah going on around here. I think this qualifies me for a nap.

Glorioski, people ... MORE WONDERFUL FREE FONTS! “Touch Me” is an exceptionally cute script, an equally cute coordinating sans serif and an excellent extras font with curlicues and catchwords. “Grindstone” is a script with a matching sans serif, “Gothiks Condensed” has six weights from ultra-light to black, and “Andara” includes some of the fanciest swashes I’ve ever seen. I plan to use “Coal Brush,” “Running Hipster” and “Don Moise” for greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store. Download links will appear below the graphic in case you want some of these for your own collection. (You can thank me later.)

Show of hands. DID YOU NOTICE THE HOWDYGRAM’S NEW BANNER? I redesigned it a couple of days ago during a late-night drug-induced stupor. However I may continue tweaking the new design so please pay attention and offer your comments as necessary.

Thank you for reading this.

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