Friday, October 28, 2016

I enjoyed a juicy senior citizen shopping spree this week.

Yo, people, and happy Friday to you and yours! I have to type this Howdygram post as fast as possible for three very good reasons: 1) it’s 2:30 in the morning and I’m tired; 2) the skin on the back of my left thigh feels like somebody just set it on fire; and 3) I have to pee. Under the circumstances I know you’ll gladly overlook an occasional typo and/or mentally ill sentence construction. Thank you.

I’ve got five fantastic FREE FONTS for you tonight! I love ALL of them, although I’m especially hysterical about the dancing baselines on the three scripts (especially “Damita”). “Bootcamp” has lots of clever alternate letter combinations and “Island Style,” “Goodies” and “Blocklyn” include a considerable number of different styles and weights. Download links appear after the graphic so you can snag a few of these for yourself.

Most of you may already know this, but whenever I’m not working on a Howdygram post I’m usually busy designing products for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle. What’s my latest product line? CUSTOM CLIPBOARDS! I’ve added about 32 new designs during the last couple of days. Eventually most will have coordinating padfolios, coffee mugs, mouse pads and spiral notebooks so you can choose multiple matching items for Hanukkah presents, stocking stuffers, grab-bags and hostess gifts.
For your possible interest the tiger print clipboard pictured above is available in four different colors (all with the faux gold foil overlay) ... pink, light brown, pale gray and aqua.

I enjoyed a juicy SENIOR CITIZEN SHOPPING SPREE earlier this week. This included ordering such essential items as four boxes of insulin syringes, black olives, jewelry cleaner, Charmin, a set of three chocolate mercury glass candle holders, LED votive candles, shitake mushroom noodle soup, a bronze table lamp and drawer organizers. The candle holders and lamp are from Kirklands ... but please don’t tell Sam because he HATES that store. (I still order from them every now and then because their products are gorgeous and their prices are lower than Amazon.)

It’s 5 a.m. and I’m finally ready for bed, boys and girls ... just in time for sunrise! Thank you for reading this and please don’t forget to remember the Alamo.

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