Sunday, October 2, 2016

Can you name one Republican president who ever cut spending, cut the deficit or reduced the size of government?

I’m definitely having some chronic pain issues right now and they’re making it damn near impossible to sit here in the study composing my Howdygram post. I refer specifically to EXPLODED BLOOD BLISTERS on the back of both thighs — as well as disgusting LEAKING PRESSURE SORES — that Sam bandaged for me last night after my shower. The bandages, unfortunately, all yanked off (partially) when I got up from a nap on the chaise, and since Sam was already in bed I couldn’t wake him up screaming because I’d scare the living crap out of him. At the moment I’m in FUCKING AGONY. Please bear with me, okay? To entertain you in the meantime here’s my latest Shit-O-Meter Pain Report readout.

I’ve got a huge list of FABULOUS FREE FONTS for you tonight! My favorites here are: “Strokes,” which reminds me of mid-century hand-lettered advertisements on grocery store windows; “The Black Box,” an ingenious font that lets you build graphic shapes while you type; and a very cool script called “Falling Slowly.” Incidentally, that last font is part of an amazing bundle from Queentype that includes nearly every script pictured below — “Falling Slowly” through “Brightside” — and there’s nary a dud in the whole bunch! Download links will appear below the graphic so you can grab some of these for your own collection.

I’ll leave you with the following thought as I finally head off to bed ...
Thank you for reading this and best wishes to you and yours.

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