Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Personal milestones and accomplishments.

I had one hell of a monumental weekend, people ... one that was jam-packed with PERSONAL MILESTONES AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS. I’ll elaborate for you now in neatly subtitled paragraphs. (You can thank me later.) But first I’d like to share the following quote by an extremely intelligent French person. If you never heard of Voltaire you have my sympathy. Also, please click here immediately, okay?
And now for the aforementioned neatly subtitled paragraphs!

GLORIOSKI AND HALLELUJAH. The pressure sores and blister on the back of my left thigh are ALMOST GONE.

THANKS TO MY SUBSTANTIAL WEIGHT LOSS I finally fit comfortably in my old Invacare “Tracer IV” wheelchair for smaller butts. And even better, Sam says we can use the leg riggings from the gigantic Drive Medical wheelchair we bought a few months ago, and that’s a very wonderful thing because the cheesy original equipment plastic footplates broke in March on our way out of the cardiologist’s office.

SO ... WHEN I GO TO THE DOCTOR NEXT MONTH for my quarterly hoo-hah I’ll be able to travel in our car like a normal human being — with my wheelchair in the trunk — instead of riding the “freight elevator” on Mesquite’s senior citizen transit bus!

MY NEXT MILESTONE ... Getting on and off the mobility scooter we bought last spring. Stay tuned, okay?

Today’s stash of FREE FONTS includes two amazing bundles, which are both much larger than the few samples you see here because I didn’t want to install all of them on my iMac for various reasons. Plus most of these fonts deliver multiple styles and weights. My favorites are “Smileheart,” “Ghisella” and “Sumac.”

The Masterpiece Bundle includes “Kimberlay” through “Ghisella Two.” The Megafont Bundle includes “Handy” through “Stack Up.” Download links for everything appear after the graphic.

With regard to the upcoming presidential election I thought you might enjoy the following.
And also this doctored video clip of Hillary Clinton dancing with the big weird dude from the audience at the last debate.

It’s 5:45 p.m. and time for a nice hot shower before Sam gets home from work. Thank you for reading this.

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