Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Sam and I can’t accept the agonizing reality that an orangutan is living in the White House.

Hi, people. I wanted to unwind for a while with the Howdygram because it’s been another crazy national news day and my brain is completely fried. The big headline of the moment ... apparently Trump blabbered top secret intelligence information to the Russian spies he hosted last week in the Oval Office. You know, just to show off. The entire world is on high alert because of Donald Trump’s incompetence, and he proves his critics right — once again — this time by trying to impress RUSSIAN SPIES!
It’s no wonder Sam spends so much time asleep on the sofa. Neither of us can accept the agonizing reality that an orangutan is living in the White House ... and also because Sam doesn’t have a job right now. (He’s retired, remember?)

The Howdygram is confused to announce the death of Powers Boothe, 68, an actor with two weird last names who’s best known for playing scary characters on television shows like “Deadwood” and in movies like “Sin City.” He died on Sunday at his home in Los Angeles.

His publicist said his death was due to “natural causes.” I’m not a doctor, but I’m pretty sure that 68 is a little too early for any “natural causes” bullshit.

Boothe began appearing on television in the late 1970s. In 1980 he won an Emmy for his performance as the leader of the Jonestown cult in the mini-series “Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones.” (I remember watching that on TV.) Boothe also appeared in the HBO series “Deadwood” and in the movies Red Dawn (1984) and Oliver Stone’s Nixon (1995), in which he played Alexander Haig.

I think Boothe is survived by a wife and two grown children, but none of the articles I’m reading mention anything about his private life. Powers Boothe ... dead man of mystery!

More FREE FONTS! Today I’ve got two related font families for you — “Bourton” (a sans serif) and “Burford” (with a slight serif) — complete with a huge number of layering styles, ornaments and doodads. “Bourton” even includes a nice little script in two weights! In addition I also have a very nice casual script with a dancing baseline, “Jandys Dua.” Convenient download links will appear below the graphic.

In case you’re interested, “Bourton” sells for $99 on MyFonts.com and “Burford” sells for $75, which means you’d save $174 if you download both fonts FOR FREE from the Howdygram. Holy shit, right?

I’m not sure why, but Creative Market curiosly gave away two really stupid collections of childish clip art this week ... and of equal curiosity is why I would bother to download them. But I did, and here they are. I guess I’ll try to use them for some themed greeting cards or note cards. Meh.

I was hoping to shlep myself to the shower any minute now, but I just realized that I’ve been nodding off for the last half-hour  ... and that’s NOT GOOD. An old coot with mobility issues, such as yours truly, shouldn’t feel faint or weird in the shower because Sam isn’t home in case I need help. He’s my rock!

So instead of a shower I’ll opt for a nap instead. Thank you for reading this and please do your best to remember the Alamo.

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