Saturday, January 7, 2017

Spring returns on Monday. I wonder where Sam hid my sandals.

I need to report that it’s 17° outside — SEVENTEEN STINKING DEGREES! — with a wind chill that drops it down to 9°. This is uncommonly frigid for Texas, believe me. Winter here is rarely below freezing; 9° is downright ridiculous. Fortunately this won’t last very long, as illustrated by the following screen shot from Spring returns on Monday. I wonder where Sam hid my sandals.

I’m not feeling very well right now. I’ve got a low-grade fever, my joints ache, I’m freezing and my eyes are drippy. Under the circumstances I can’t think of a better, more wholesome distraction than downloading FREE THOROUGHLY-THERAPEUTIC FONTS. Here are today’s discoveries, courtesy of and Of special note ... the Shop Bundle includes 37 fonts (only a few are pictured here) plus 16 more in the Handlettering Bundle (this is a bundle-in-a-bundle). In case you’re wondering, my favorites are “Sheraton Script,” “Boomshell,” “Twingo” and “City Lights.” You’ll find all the download links below the graphic.

I’ve just decided that today will be Howdygram headquarters’ Official Chili Cheeseburger Day, a cheerful brand-new religious observance that involves nuking frozen Angus burgers from Costco with a slice of American cheese, heating up some Hormel chili with beans in a little microwaveable tub, and carefully placing all of the above on a couple of buns from Wal-Mart. Also you need really large plates. Raw onion would be excellent, too, except we don’t have any onions and it’s not smart to pester Sam for any non-essential grocery shopping in ice cold weather.

I’m learning.

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