Monday, October 3, 2016

Oh boy ... it’s open enrollment season for old coots on Medicare!

Thank God for Sam. No kidding, people, he saves my life every goddamn day. This morning I woke up on the chaise in the family room in severe pain after the big surgical bandages on the back of my thighs curled up during the night and glued themselves to my open pressure sores. I can’t begin to describe the agony involved here so I’ll just assign this miserable experience with a “10” on my Shit-O-Meter scale and move on to better news: SAM FIGURED OUT A NEW AND BETTER WAY TO BANDAGE MY SORES! It’s almost 3 p.m. and I’ve been sitting at my desk since noon ... ALMOST PAIN-FREE. Wow. Thank you, Sam!

This week I’ll be cutting back on Howdygram posts to give myself some time to create and upload artwork for The Howdygram Store on Zazzle. I’m pleased to report that sales have been increasing steadily so I want to help the momentum by adding more products and lots of new designs.

My biggest sellers so far have been bridal shower guest books, spiral notebooks for members of the wedding party, iPhone cases and greeting cards. Who knew? For the immediate future, therefore, I’ll concentrate my efforts on more of these products and probably expand my line of cute and clever crap for weddings because brides love to blow money. A couple of attractive examples appear below for your possible interest. Thank you.

I only have two free fonts for you tonight — mostly because I didn’t spend much time hunting online today — but both of these are excellent and I can’t wait to start using them! Download links appear below the graphic. Tell your friends. (Tell your enemies, too. Nobody should ever be deprived of free fonts!)

A couple of days ago I received two big fat envelopes in the mail ... one from Medicare and the other from my Aetna Medicare HMO plan because it’s open enrollment season right now for senior citizens! Aetna says they’ve made some changes to their prescription drug coverage so I should check their formulary as soon as possible to make sure all of my meds are still cheap or free. (I take a lot of prescriptions. This could take a while.) I absolutely HATE reading documents like this. I’ve already decided to type up a list of questions and call Aetna mid-week to tell them what’s confusing and I also need ask them about signing up for prescriptions-by-mail so I can order 90-day supplies. Thank God nearly all of my drugs are generics with $0 co-pay.

You know you’re an old coot when you can type a paragraph like that with a straight face. I definitely have to go to bed now.

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