Friday, September 16, 2016

For the first time in several weeks I feel compelled to post a Shit-O-Meter readout.

I want very much to write a Howdygram post right now but I’m in too much goddamn pain to sit still. It’s 12:30 Friday morning, half an hour past midnight, and I’ve already taken more than enough pain meds ... BUT EVERYTHING STILL HURTS! I’m referring to the hypersensitive skin on the back of both thighs from pressure sores, blood blisters and diabetic neuropathy. This is absolutely AWFUL tonight, and for the first time in several weeks I feel compelled to post the following Shit-O-Meter readout.
Incidentally, in addition to searing skin pain I’m also battling shortness of breath, mild nausea and a hangnail. Thank you for listening.

I’ve decided to post only five new free fonts tonight for the following reasons: 1) five is a perfectly acceptable number so stop whining; and 2) I’m getting nervous that I might be overloading my iMac. Right now there are 3,329 fonts stuffed into my system file. Holy crap, right?!

Anyhoo ... here’s the latest flock of freebies for your possible interest. My favorites are “Repens” and “Regina Black” for reasons that should be obvious (maybe). Download links will appear below the graphic, as always.

During the wee hours this morning I decided it was time to do a monthly re-test of my INR — International Normalized Ratio — which is how long does it take my blood to clot now that I’m taking Coumadin for a heart condition. The “normal” range is anywhere from 2.0 to 3.0. My result today was 2.2. I’M NORMAL! I’M NORMAL!

In case you’re wondering ... The Clots “R” Us Do-It-Yourself Blood Clot Clinic includes my own CoaguChek XS meter (the same kind used by my doctor’s office), ridiculously overpriced test strips (usually six for $48) and a bag of finger-stabby things. Even so, testing at home is far superior to dragging my ass to the doctor every month with a $30 co-pay for lab work that doesn’t actually involve the lab AT ALL.
Two weeks from now I will finally be covered by Medicare and my Aetna HMO Medicare Advantage Plan. I’m hoping they’ll pay for all of these testing supplies at 100% so I won’t have to hunt for the lowest prices (and reputable sellers) on eBay.

Thank you for paying attention. I have to lie down now.

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