Monday, July 11, 2016

Where the hell is Robert Osborne?

Yo, people. In case you’re wondering how come I didn’t write any Howdygram posts all weekend it’s because I just didn’t feel like it. Also: 1) I was busy downloading more free fonts; 2) I napped more than usual; 3) Sam needed my help with a few issues; and 4) by the time I got done with items one, two and three I was too drained to do anything except design a new line of children’s lunch boxes for The Howdygram Store. A sample lunch box appears below for your possible interest. My new children’s collection includes cute beach birds, anime cartoons of boys and girls floating around with balloons, smiling jungle animals and more. All of them are personalized.

While I’m on the subject ... here’s another batch of FANTASTIC FREE FONTS for you! “Mercury Script” comes with a variety of weights and all kinds of fascinating swashy characters, “Courtesy” is a jaw-dropper, and “Cereal” is actually a collection of seven related fonts. They include an all-caps typeface with several overlays and a ton of alternates, a fabulous script font and a “words” font. I actually think I’m getting sexually aroused. Download links appear below so you can add these to your own private stash.

My afternoon has been punctuated by two small yet thrilling shopping sprees on Wal-Mart’s website. The first included an exciting assortment of Hormel Compleats tasty little shelf-stable microwave meals, all of which are on sale for $1.95 each. YOU CAN’T EVEN BUY A MISERABLE SQUASHED HAMBURGER FROM McDONALD’S AT THAT PRICE! I ordered Chicken & Mashed Potatoes, Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoes, Turkey & Dressing, Cheese Manicotti and Chili with Beans. Several of each. Oh boy!
Still excited, about an hour later I went back and ordered two boxes of Murray sugar-free lemon sandwich cookies and a 12-pack of Hunts sugar-free chocolate and vanilla puddings. I actually wanted Voortman’s sugar-free Iced Almonettes but they’re out of stock. What the fuck?!

One final thought. If anybody knows what happened to TCM’s Robert Osborne please send me an email right away, okay? I can’t find anything online that explains his absence. After missing the entire TCM Film Festival back in April, Robert has been off the air for months, being replaced by unexpalined extra segments with Ben Mankiewicz and a bunch of weirdo temporary hosts that I’ve never seen before. 

Thank you for reading this.


oldorange1 said...

Guess no one knows for sure but it's easy to suspect the usual age and medical taking its toll. My wife said she had recently noticed a lot of shaking in his movement. So sad. Many barely make it to 84.

But I like Ben alot and wish he would do more.

oldorange1 said...

Marcy Marks said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me. I never noticed Robert Osborne “shaking” but he was definitely slurring his words, sometimes quite badly. I’m guessing he may have had a stroke. It’s easy to understand why he wouldn’t want to be in front of a camera any more ... but boy, we’ll miss him! I’ve been a Robert Osborne fan from the very beginning.