Saturday, June 18, 2016

Little Marco is back from the dead.

Oy. Medicare. THERE’S SO MUCH TO CHOOSE FROM! Around 8:45 yesterday morning I was jolted from a dead sleep on the chaise by a chatty Medicare Advantage rep named Ava who shot me with a barrage of questions, found me an excellent Aetna HMO Medicare plan, and then asked for a list of my prescriptions — please spell them, Mrs. Marks, how many milligrams do you take and how many times a day — and I did it! FROM MEMORY! Even better, it seems that all of my drugs, even both kinds of insulin, are considered Tier 1 generics with NO CO-PAY. Wow, yee-haw and holy shit!

This is actually better coverage — and a lot less expensive — than the Blue Cross group insurance I have now through Sam’s employer, which is jam-packed with co-pays and deductibles. Aside from terrific drug coverage the Aetna HMO also includes FREE diabetes testing supplies, FREE routine lab work, NO co-pay to see my primary care physician and only $20 to see a specialist! I’ll sign up around the first of July so coverage will be in place on my effective date (October 1).

We have another lovely collection of EXCRUCIATINGLY FREE FONTS for you this afternoon! Several have that popular, new hand-drawn look, and others are a little more boring traditional. Of the fonts pictured below my personal favorites are “Estirada,” “Prokopis,” “Blackberries” and “Modesty Fresh” ... I’ll use all of them for greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store. Of special note is the “Air” family, which includes 81 weights and styles. Nope, that’s not a typo ... EIGHTY-ONE WEIGHTS AND STYLES! Look for download links after the following graphic. You’re extremely welcome. (Tell your friends.)

Little Marco Robot, the miniature former GOP presidential clown car passenger who jumped off the bus back in March, has decided to flip-flop on his declaration to NOT run again for his Senate seat from Florida and, well, run again for his Senate seat from Florida. This is just one more confusing, contradictory and altogether irritating flip-flop for Rubio. Maybe he’ll run on the “Trump Hated Me First” ticket.
In case you think I’m kidding, here’s one of Rubio’s tweets from last month in which he reiterates for the ten thousandth time that he WILL NOT run again for the Senate:
I think Rubio will have a yooge problem with this decision. He’s been whining for a whole year that he hates the Senate and can’t wait to get the hell out of it ... so why on earth would the people of Florida re-elect him? Guess he’ll have to find that juicy six-figure income somewhere else. Buh-bye!

BREAKING (BUT NOT SHOCKING) NEWS! Just one month before the Republican National Convention (RNC) it seems that Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is in a death spiral. Every national poll shows him trailing Hillary Clinton by substantial numbers ... and the presumptive Republican nominee has no idea whatsoever how to crawl out of the mess he made for himself. He won’t listen to advisors, can’t keep his mouth shut, and key Republicans are running away from him in droves.

Better yet ... seven gigantic multinational corporations with a long history of sponsorship have decided to boycott the RNC this year because they won’t associate their brands with Frankentrump. The growing list includes Bloomberg, Wells Fargo, UPS, Motorola, JPMorgan Chase, Ford and Walgreens. All of them sponsored the convention in 2012.

Holy crap, the sun is coming up. Maybe this would be a good time to go to bed.

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