Sunday, June 26, 2016

It’s time once again for my regular, quarterly hoo-hah with Dr. M.

Happy Sunday, boys and girls! After spending the last day and a half working on a large number of adorable lunch box designs for The Howdygram Store (stop laughing!) I decided it was high time for a blog post covering the juicy news of the day. And here I am!

Although I don’t really have any news that’s legitimately “juicy,” here are a few brief topics that may interest you and yours:

SAM IS ON HIS WAY TO FUEL CITY as I write this post to buy us a pile of SUGAR-FREE FRIED PIES. Fried pies! Fuel City is an enormous high-class Texas truck stop on the U.S. 80 service road here in Mesquite. They sell fried pies baked to order. No kidding, guys, it’s the treat of a lifetime! My three favorite official flavors are apricot, apple and pineapple. Thank you.

I’M STILL DOING VERY WELL WITH LOW PAIN. I knew you’d be happy to hear that. There are occasional lapses, of course, such as earlier today when I was having a lot of serious discomfort from the hyper-sensitive skin on the backs of both thighs due to diabetic neuropathy and pressure sores, so I stopped designing lunch boxes and took a three-hour nap on the chaise in the family room. Everything is better now. I’m just finishing lunch and Sam will be here with our fried pies sometime within the next half-hour!

I HAVE A DOCTOR APPOINTMENT ON TUESDAY MORNING. It’s my regular, quarterly hoo-hah with Dr. M at the Baylor Family Health Center to discuss how I’m doing, do I need more and better drugs — yes, please! — and get a bunch of lab work with needles and a wee-wee cup. And Tuesday will also be my regular, quarterly hoo-hah on Mesquite’s senior citizen transit bus with elevators and giant seats so I can travel in my wheelchair with Sam as the official caregiver, wife-shlepper and chair-pusher.

WE’RE EXPECTING SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS. And naturally we’re expecting them on Tuesday ... just in time for my trip to the doctor! I don’t think mankind has figured out yet how to hold an umbrella over an old lady’s head in a tornado while you push her onto a bus in a bariatric wheelchair. Bottom line: I’ll probably get drenched.

Here we have a short list of VERY NICE FREE FONTS. I’m fond of all of them, actually, but especially “Piper” and “Beyond the Mountains,” which I can use for greeting card designs for The Howdygram Store. (My store needs a lot more greeting cards.) If you want any of these for your own personal collection or to give as gifts to font-deprived friends and relatives, I’ll include download links after the graphic. (You’re welcome.)

While the Manhattan orangutan is still in Scotland promoting his new golf course — smack dab in the middle of the U.K.’s shocking Brexit vote — fed-up locals, who can’t stand Donald Trump, have employed a wide variety of creative insults in print to describe the United States’ presumptive Republican presidential nominee. I have to admit, most of these are way better than my “Manhattan orangutan” label. Tell me which Scottish insult you like best and I’ll make an official change for future posts!

I’d love to write more today but I’m starting to have some chronic pain issues and it might just be smarter to sign off and lie down for a while. I love lying down.

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