Thursday, April 7, 2016

On the road to more and better drugs. Even morphine maybe!

Okay, I blew it. I meant to write a quick Howdygram post when I got home from the doctor yesterday morning but the entire hoo-hah was such an exhausting and distressing fiasco — for Sam, actually, not for me — that I just didn’t feel motivated. Mostly, Sam was short on sleep and not feeling too well but still had to push his very large wife in her very large wheelchair up a steep ramp into the senior citizen shuttle bus and nearly wound up having a fucking heart attack. We absolutely have to figure out a better system for next time, even if I have to get out of the wheelchair and drag my ass onto that bus under my own steam. I KNOW I CAN DO THIS!

As for Sam, he’s working a killer shift at work for the rest of the week ... 4 p.m. to 4 a.m. assisting a huge crowd of very important clients in-house who are working around the clock. However I was unconscious on the chaise in the family room when he left yesterday afternoon so I didn’t have a chance to smooch his face a few dozen times for good luck. I hate when that happens.

And now for a quick recap of my appointment yesterday with Dr. M, okay?

MORE AND BETTER DRUGS. Yee-haw! Dr. M totally agreed that I’m ready for a major overhaul of my pain medications and gave me a list of pain management specialists here in the area so I can begin enjoying more and better drugs such as morphine maybe. I already picked the doctor I want — Dr. Khan right here in Mesquite — so I’ll call Blue Cross tomorrow to make sure he’s in-network. The following map indicates: A) Howdygram headquarters; B) Dr. Khan’s office across the street from Pizza Inn on Galloway; and C) Dr. M’s office at the Baylor Family Health Center on I-30. For your possible interest I also indicated the location of some nearby cattle ranches. Sam and I live very, very close to actual mooing.
A LOT MORE GABAPENTIN. Yesterday Dr. M doubled my prescription for Gabapentin to 600 mg twice a day. This is a very nice medication for neuropathy pain but apparently I’ve been taking a low dose. Therefore, since doubling it could help a lot with my foot pain and that miserable hyper-irritated skin on the back of my thighs I’ll try to hold off seeing Dr. Khan until I know what’s what.

A LITTLE LESS COUMADIN. To deal with my very high INR blood test result from the other day Dr. M asked me to cut back on Coumadin by half a pill every week and do another fingerstick test in seven days. Please stay tuned for the next update but do not hesitate to continue your normal routine in the meantime. Thank you.

I have to go to bed now, okay? Thank you for being here.

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