Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Yee-haw! The Oregon wildlife refuge occupiers have been hit with even more federal charges.

Hello from Agonyville, U.S.A., where your favorite senior citizen blogger is battling pain from a pair of relentless leaking pressure sores on the back of both thighs, a bleeding rash, arthritic knees and diabetic peripheral neuropathy in both goddamn feet. I am, with the exception of nice skin and no gray hair, a TOTAL FUCKING MESS. Prescription painkillers work occasionally but I would need too many to make a real difference.

At times I just resort to Cheetos because ORANGE SNACKS ROCK. Fuck the carbs.

Another excellent painkiller (aside from Cheetos) that always works well for me is FREE STUFF ONLINE. Over the last few months I’ve downloaded and shared hundreds of goddamn gorgeous FREE FONTS from, and yesterday I discovered, a site that gives away goddamn gorgeous FREE VECTOR GRAPHICS for retired designers like yours truly with exceptionally large hard drives. I’m deliriously happy about this, people. Deliriously happy! The’re one slight drawback, however. These graphics were mostly created in a newer version of Adobe Illustrator, so some of them won’t open on my Mac or they open with assorted errors. Therefore every time I download a file I open it right away to see if I can use it; I’ve had to trash quite a few today. WTF, right?

I’m very, very happy with today’s load of EXCELLENT FREE FONTS. Several of these include lots of variations, dingbats and alternate letterforms and weights, such as “Colt Soft,” “Jabana” and “Only You Pro.” I’ll include download links after the graphic.

And now ... here’s a little something that makes me even happier than free fonts! According to a breaking news report from The Guardian, 19 of the 25 Oregon wildlife refuge occupiers — including Ammon and Ryan Bundy — have been hit with additional federal charges that could keep them in prison for 20 years.

They’re charged with possessing firearms and dangerous weapons in federal facilities, and nine are charged with using and carrying a firearm in relation to a violent crime. Militia members Jon Ritzheimer, Ryan Payne, Brian Cavalier, Jason Patrick, Sean Anderson, David Fry and Corey Lequieu are facing both of the additional firearm charges. Occupier Kenneth Medenbach, the first clown arrested in connection with the standoff in January, is facing an additional charge of stealing government property when he was caught driving a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services vehicle out of the refuge and into the local town of Burns. Because the truck is worth more than $1,000, that charge could land him 10 years behind bars.
Ryan Bundy and Ritzheimer are also facing the same government theft charge for their use of “cameras and related equipment” owned by the federal government.

Anderson, one of the final protesters at the refuge, is accused of “depredation of government property” for his “excavation” of refuge land, including damaging an “archaeological site considered sacred” to the Burns Paiute tribe, which is the local Native American group whose ancestors originally occupied the land. Anderson is facing up to 10 years for the destruction charge.

Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and five others also face charges in a separate federal case related to their father Cliven Bundy’s 2014 ranch standoff in Nevada.

FYI, Ammon is the good-lookin’ brother. His head was NOT run over by a car.

I have more to write but I’m basically out of time because it’s 8:45 p.m. and I still have to take a nice hot shower before Sam gets home from work at 9:30. I know you understand. So I’ll part tonight with one last fabulous picture ... a partial nude of Turd Cruz.
Thank you for reading this!

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