Friday, January 15, 2016

Vote blue in November.

It’s 2:30 Friday afternoon on a sunny, breezy, springish Friday in Texas — such as 64°, y’all — and I’m presently debating whether to continue typing this Howdygram post or go take a nap in the family room with a William Powell movie. So far the nap seems to be winning, but I’ll hang out here a little while longer just in case I get a second wind.

My visiting nurse was here today to change the dressings on my pressure sores. So far I don’t think anything has improved very much except my pain level, which is way down (thank God). I’ll see Dr. M on Tuesday to get a prescription for an antibiotic to clear up cellulitis in both legs and nystatin powder for a really disgusting rash.

All this medical horseshit is wearing me out. The only real plus side is, on Tuesday I get to ride my new PROWLER MOBILITY SCOOTER to the doctor! The senior citizen transit bus will pick us up around 10:30 and I can ride my scooter up a ramp and right onto the bus. This is so damn exciting I can’t stand it. I’ll practice my scooter maneuvers this weekend up and down the driveway. Stay tuned for additional information, okay?

I’d like to get today’s showcase of free fonts out of the way early so we can move on to other subjects, okay? I’ve only got a small batch for you today; I guess I’m feeling a little distracted even though all of these are pretty damn cool. “Stymie Slab” and “Bladi One” both have a bunch of different styles, “Fadilla” comes with a lot of alternates, swash letters and curly things, and “Harsh” includes mirror-opposite start and end capitals so you can create logos, ritzy monograms and other terrific shit. Download links appear below the graphic in case you want any of these for yourself.

So here’s the thing. I’M SICK OF THIS GODDAMN PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN AND I HATE THE REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES. I know I’m not alone in this, either. I’m sick of the fear, the bigotry, the threats, the negativity, the bullshit, the pandering, the corruption, the lies, the misrepresentation, the infighting and all of their fucking ugly faces. The 2016 clown car is packed with losers — every one of them! — and I couldn’t name a single GOP candidate who’d even be tolerable in the White House. So I have one statement to make before I take a break to eat hot food with Sam in the family room:
Most ridiculous endorsements of the week: 1) right-wing asshole Ted Nugent says he supports right-wing asshole Donald Trump (of course he does; why not?); and 2) Ted Cruz snagged patriarch Phil Robertson from “Duck Dynasty.” America should be so proud.
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