Monday, January 25, 2016

Jeb Bush applauds Michigan’s governor for being an upright guy after poisoning the city of Flint.

For your possible interest I’m really, really tired today and also have the following complaints: 1) burning, hyper-sensitive skin on my legs; 2) pressure sores on the back of both thighs; 3) pain in my left heel; 4) a low-grade fever; 5) rather severe joint pain in both knees; and 6) no chocolate. For items 1 through 5 I’m taking as many prescription painkillers as the law allows; item 6 will be history on Wednesday when FedEx delivers a big order from Russell Stover. In the meantime I’ve got sugar-free Jell-O cups.

I know you missed this feature in Sunday’s Howdygram post. I didn’t have any new fonts to share due to not feeling well enough to hang out in front of the computer for any extended length of time. I’ll try to make up for it now, though, with the following eight free fonts. Download links will appear after the graphic in case you want any of these for your own collection. FYI, “Vigneta” and “Castrina” include lots of fancy swirly curlicues and Blueshift gives you three different styles. I’m also really blown away by “Magliore,” but don’t ask me why.

Show of hands. Ever get a song stuck in your head? It happened to me this morning, and I think the best way to stop singing this goddamn thing is to post a clip from offending vintage cartoon right here in the Howdygram so YOU can get stuck with it, too. Misery loves company, right?

That little singing owl in the cartoon — his name is “Owl Jolson,” get it? — is belting out a number from a cheesy Al Jolson movie called The Singing Kid (1936) also starring Cab Calloway. Here’s that original movie clip. (Good luck getting rid of that song.)

And now we’ve got a Putz of the Week to share with y’all! Once again we’re honoring Jeb Bush, entitled frat-boy and a lesser passenger in the 2016 GOP clown car, who stuck his foot in wet shit today by applauding Michigan Governor Rick Snyder for “stepping up” and “accepting responsibility” after he got caught poisoning the entire population of Flint with lead-infused sludge from the Flint River.
Yup, that’s right ... Jeb is actually siding with Rick Snyder regarding The Flint Water Horror of 2016. He thinks Snyder’s doing a great job owning up to his mistakes, which include stripping Flint residents of their right to a representative government, placing a hand-selected Emergency Manager to rule the city like a dictator and switching the city’s source of drinking water from Detroit to the seriously contaminated Flint River, which led to a man-made catastrophe that’s being called “Michigan’s Katrina.” I’m sure you remember Katrina, don’t you, Jeb? It was one of your brother’s major achievements.

It’s no wonder Jeb Bush’s campaign is circling the drain. I guess U.S. Americans of the Republican persuasion love him almost as much as Rick Santorum’s deceased fetus.

And now I think it’s finally time to finish watching yesterday’s episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” followed by a luxurious nap with a fluffy afghan and wintergreen TicTacs. Thank you for reading this!

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